So… you may have noticed there are three expansions to Steamwatchers. Here’s a short rundown of what’s in each! What we’ve tried to do with each expansion is for it to steer the game in a specific direction so that players can customize their Steamwatchers experience!
Hello Watchers! Today, we want to talk about randomness and control in Steamwatchers; treat this article as a developer diary of sorts! Control In a game where players are quite involved (whether it’s time, thought of a mixture of both), players want to have agency and control over the game. This is something that Marc...
This article explains two very important aspects for Steamwatchers: replayability and scenarios! How will they make every game different?
From the first cardboard prototype of Steamwatchers, I really thought about symmetry. Asymmetry was light by then. Over the course of the second year of development, the game has benefited from the Mythic Games developers’ experience and talent… and wisdom. We’ve waited until the game was perfectly smooth to break down and dis-harmonize factions.
Watcher is actually a title you can seize in the Conclave (everyone gets a title!), and it allows you to exert some control over the spawning of steam columns. This is especially important since columns are heavily related to geothermal resources (aka GEOs), which are your victory points, if you will. The clans have organized around a neutral Conclave, which distributes positions. Every clan gets a position, like Watcher.
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