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Mythic Games is proud to announce a partnership with Dized for tutorials of our games! Starting with Super Fantasy Brawl, tutorials for our games will be available on the Dized website and mobile app. Dized is a digital companion for tabletop games. A tutorial on Dized teaches you the game while you play, and no prep work is needed before starting. This is especially great for those who prefer getting into the playing part sooner and learning the game gradually.
Mythic Games and Ingenio Games closed a strategic agreement for 5 years to distribute Mythic’s games in Spanish.
After exploring the forbidding oriental lands in the previous EastQuest expansion, the time has come to venture into some far more menacing regions of Enchantia. Steel yourself for a perilous journey into the Darklands!
Convention season is only a week away and here at Mythic Games we couldn’t be more excited! With all due precautions, our teams ready themselves to meet fans (present and future!) and hold demos of our games! And, for the first time, we will have games to sell on the premises! GenCon 21 Indy Join...
Mythic Games and Privateer Press announced the co-production of a new Monsterpocalypse big-box product range, coming to Kickstarter this fall.
Mythic Games will be at the Festival International des Jeux de Cannes. Take a close look to the great miniatures
The Mythic Games team are heading to Warboar Games to take over the store and meet up with our awesome community! We officially announced this on our Live Stream Q&A with Jake and myself, which you can now watch here! When & Where? Saturday 14th July – 12:00-21:00 Warboar Games 28/30 The Mall, BR1 1TS, Bromley, UK What’s...
After an absolutely amazing Mythic Day in 2017 we could not resist organising another Mythic Day this year and thanks to the epic support of Ben & Peps in the South of France, planning is already underway to have another sensational event this year. If you’re in the UK and can’t make it to Mythic...
On the 26th of January was Mythic Party day at the Waaagh Taverne Paris, to celebrate Time of Legends: Joan of Arc with the backers and the opening of the Pledge Manager and Late Pledge this week! It was an incredible evening, with more than 150 attendants in a warm and friendly atmosphere! That’s 50%...
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  • Sale! SALE 40% Enchanters Darklands 4 Contents

    Enchanters: Darklands

    Darklands is the latest expansion to Enchanters. Until now, it has only been sold in a pre-order sale on our site. We still have a limited a...
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  • OUT OF STOCK Rise of the Necromanters Lich All In


    For completionists: The all in. The Core Box, Grim Harvest, Dawn & Demons, Undead Sea and The Foul & The Wicked! ...
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  • darkest organizer

    Darkest Dungeon: The Darkest Organizer

    $30.00 $30.00
    THE DARKEST ORGANIZER Never worry about space again with this premium storage box designed to neatly store every token in...
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  • Sale! SALE 40% Super Fantasy Brawl: Force de la Nature

    Super Fantasy Brawl: Force of Nature

    Symbolizing the rebellion of Fabulosa’s natural forces, this expansion features three new champions. The mighty Taze is capable of devastatin...
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