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From the first cardboard prototype of Steamwatchers, I really thought about symmetry. Asymmetry was light by then. Over the course of the second year of development, the game has benefited from the Mythic Games developers’ experience and talent… and wisdom. We’ve waited until the game was perfectly smooth to break down and dis-harmonize factions.
As gamers, we know when a game lacks balance, but how do we come to know and recognize this? Not all gamers have the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to evaluate whether a game is balanced mathematically, yet nowadays, they will quickly label games as “well-balanced” or “broken” upon release. Balance means raising the stakes over the course of gameplay and providing interesting paths and strategies across the entire playthrough.
Watcher is actually a title you can seize in the Conclave (everyone gets a title!), and it allows you to exert some control over the spawning of steam columns. This is especially important since columns are heavily related to geothermal resources (aka GEOs), which are your victory points, if you will. The clans have organized around a neutral Conclave, which distributes positions. Every clan gets a position, like Watcher.
Hello, and welcome to one more blog post of the EXPOSED series: Virtual games night with Mythic Games. Game nights are social interactions, catching up with friends, maybe some ribbing, eating snacks, enjoying a drink, holding cards or moving pieces, maybe rolling dice, and enjoying how a game unfolds, its twists and turns. It’s about...
After two Gameplay articles dedicated to set up and game phases, our third and last article will be spent detailing the heart of 6: Siege - The Board Game… the operators, the ones who will expose themselves to the bullets (blanks actually, they are simply in training sessions, after all) of their opponents to succeed in their mission.
After our first article described the preparation and the set-up of a game, it’s time to tak about the different key concepts that characterize 6: Siege, namely time management, the principle of alternate activations, the destructible environment, and the differences of 3- and 4-player games.
Welcome to the first gameplay article for 6: Siege - The Board Game! In this article you will learn more about the game basics and how to prepare to play the game.
Chek out the origins of the story! How did 6: Siege - The Board Game become a reality? Leo takes us back in time and describes the behind the scenes!
Super Fantasy Brawl is a game where knowing your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses is almost as important as knowing your own. This first article guides you through the Champions and tactics of the core box!
The more we play games, the more we learn. We learn better strategies, new mechanisms, be a better loser, and a better winner. We understand that we don’t always have to have the latest games that we definitely do, and we learn a few other things besides. In this article, let's focus on something else. We can look at what playing board games have taught us, knowing more about ourselves, about the people around us, and how it has changed us over time, if at all.
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