Games of Balance: Striking the Right Balance in Board Games In the realm of board games, balance is at the heart of creating a rewarding and equitable gaming experience. Whether in competitive games where players vie for victory or cooperative games where harmony is paramount, a careful balance of game mechanics is essential. In this...
It is because of your passion… that our games have a place within the board game industry. Whether it is because of your engagement with the board game community, paint and art work of our minis, pictures of our games being played, to aiding new comers with frequently asked questions and rules.
Board Games, an Ever-Evolving World Board games, also known as tabletop games, have always been a popular source of entertainment, bringing friends and family together around a table. But the board game industry has undergone a true revolution over the past few decades. In this article, we will explore the evolution of board game types...
Game conventions have been around for a long time and are a great opportunity for board game and role-playing game enthusiasts to discover many new and classic games. They also allow players to meet publishers and engage in conversations with them. But are these conventions truly beneficial for publishers? In this article, we will explore...
Hello to all board game enthusiasts! We are excited to present the first article in a series dedicated to the world of board games and publishing, exploring the behind-the-scenes and upcoming changes in an ever-evolving industry. Throughout this series of articles, we will also provide tips, tricks, and tactics for the games we publish. Feel...
Anastyr has assembled a big team. If we can't give the floor to all the contributors, these three interviews will let you to know the approaches of some of the creators of this huge project. A big thank you to Nicolas Lamberti, from Guerre & Plomb, for having brilliantly conducted the interviews and allowing us to publish them on our website!
Mythic Games is proud to announce a partnership with Dized for tutorials of our games! Starting with Super Fantasy Brawl, tutorials for our games will be available on the Dized website and mobile app. Dized is a digital companion for tabletop games. A tutorial on Dized teaches you the game while you play, and no prep work is needed before starting. This is especially great for those who prefer getting into the playing part sooner and learning the game gradually.
Heroes' value is measured by the ferocity of their opponents. But before facing off the end- level bosses, the Heroes of the Companions of the Spear will also have to face lesser enemies. Let's check out the gameplay!
As the threat of Anastyr's plan becomes clear, a young woman, UNDRAAL, has dream visions of being the bearer of the reforged Amber Worldspear
An age of legends, raw magic, and conflict in the lush jungles and steaming swamps that would one day become the Mediterranean Sea arises! Are you ready to dive into the barbaric and proto-historic world of Anastyr, and experience monumentally epic adventures?
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