Enchanters: Darklands


Darklands is the latest expansion to Enchanters. Until now, it has only been sold in a pre-order sale on our site.

We still have a limited amount of this great expansion, which has been very successful and introduces 6 new horrific kingdoms: Ghosts, Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, Woodfolk, and Trolls.

As always, each kingdom has its own set of rules that have an impact on the game. For example, vampires inflict wounds on you and your opponents, werewolves have a higher or lower combat value depending on the Moon token that is introduced for the occasion, witches can turn your opponents’ prestigious monsters into frogs that are worth far less in Glory Points, and so on.

Each realm has 52 cards, so you’ll have a total of over 180 cards in this expansion. The Darklands expansion fits in the Deluxe Box with the other expansions.

Enchanters: Darklands
  • 6 new kingdom decks (Ghosts, Woodfolk, Trolls, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches)
  • 6 Banner and 6 Classes cards
  • 3 Co-op overlord Overlay cards
  • 6 Villages
  • 6 Overlord cards
  • 1 Moon Token
  • 7 Deck dividers
  • 1 rulebook

The latest expansion for Enchanters, Totally new content to expand your game experience!
E-shop exclusive version. Later retail configuration is planned but will differ from this version.
*Fits into Deluxe Storage Box – even when full of all the previous components.

Estimated Production: Q4 2021
Estimated Delivery: Q1 2022

All worlds contain some blemishes, sites of evil and darkness. Kingdoms you shouldn’t travel to and would rather forget about if you returned alive. Enchanters: Darklands take you deep into these lands. Lands full of terror and forbidden magic, inhabited by ghosts, vampires, werewolves, trolls, and other monsters of folklore. Will you enter the Darklands? Or are you too scared? Muahahaha!

Enchanters: Darklands introduces 6 new Kingdom Decks themed around ancient horror stories and folklore.

The Decks introduce new mechanics that open up new strategies. Let’s get to know who you can add to your ranks:

  • Ghosts: Ghosts combine Burying with various actions against Monsters (like Swap), thus allowing players to create a different type of Trophy Engine not based on the brutal force! Monsters from this Kingdom ignore attack and defence bonuses granted by your items stack BUT double those produced by your Enchantment cards and if the spirits approve sometimes even more than double – spooktastic!
  • Woodfolk: This kingdom introduces new, powerful, but conditional Items and Enchantments. The effectiveness of your cards is affected by your opponents’ choices, so you will always need to keep their stats and strategy in check!
  • Trolls: Whenever you pass is the new mechanic these bulky fellows introduce. This new effect will make you think twice before journeying farther from a card with this ability. Each time you journey, you’ll face dilemmas about paying the crystal cost for a card or not. Items and Enchantments can tempt you with their bonuses and Monsters can be very, very, VERY dangerous!
  • Vampires: These noble creatures provide lethal and dangerous gifts. cards focus on Enchanter’s wounds and dealing damage to all your opponents. If players cannot staunch their wounds, bloodthirsty Monsters become unstoppable as they boost their stats and effectiveness based on their opponents’ wounds.
  • Werewolves: This Kingdom’s cards are focused around which side of the Moon token is face-up; New Moon or Full Moon. Items and Enchantments gain a bonus or actions when the Moon token is flipped, while Monsters draw power from the Full Moon to boost their attack and defense stats.
  • Witches: Ah, is there anything this powerful kingdom can’t do? You will find cards that provide Healing, Crystals, and deck fishing! They can also turn opponents’ Monsters into Frogs (as you would expect from any witch), thus making other players lose Glory Points. Monsters can be tricky, too, so players will need to be extra careful when journeying against them, otherwise, they might end up with a Trophy Pile full of Frogs.

You have been warned. Journey into Darklands at your own risk!


A retail version of this expansion is planned, but not in this configuration! As you can see from our previous retail expansions, we bundle up our Kingdom Decks in pairs.

The Retail version of Darklands will be split up into 3 smaller Kingdom Deck expansions, each containing two Kingdom Decks, and all the remaining content (banners/ classes, Quests, Co-op cards) will be split between three bigger expansions. Save over $60 and months of anticipation by grabbing this e-shop exclusive version NOW!

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Card Games, Eshop Exclusive, Competitive Games

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Rafał Cywicki


Bartosz Repetowski, Tomasz Mroziński


Jacek Gołębiowski, Anastasios Grigoriadis

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Enchanters: Darklands
  • WIP Rulebook
  • Coming soon...


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