Enchanters – A Serial Fantasy!

The First Seasons

It all started in August 2017 when the young Polish publisher, Gindi launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the Enchanters’ base game, authored by Rafal Cywicki. It was a great success with almost 3000 subscribers. Only eight Kingdoms are available: Cultists, Barbarians, Dracons, Gnolls, Goblins, Unicorns, Undead, and Bandits. And more importantly, the Overlords don’t exist yet. Players will have to face the Dragons of each Kingdom.

In May 2018, Gindi carried out new crowdfunding for the Overlords Expansion almost a year later. As its name suggests, the major change is the arrival of the Overlords of each Kingdom, both the eight from the base game and the eight new ones: Angels, Demons, Dark Elves, Faeries, Slimes, Golems, Mages, and Troglodytes. More than 3,500 people will participate in financing this.

Since the success is undeniable, Gindi carried out third crowdfunding in July 2019 for the Odyssey Expansion. It’s the first expansion with a theme that explores ancient aspects of fantasy. This is also an opportunity to reprint the base game for new players. In addition to the six peoples of ancient inspiration (Centaurs, Gladiators, Harpies, Medusae, Mummies, Mermaids), there is a co-op game mode as well as a solo game mode. The Banner and Class Card Decks add a bit of background to the Enchanter embodied by each player. Again, nearly 3,000 people are following the project. The number of available cards is starting to be significant, and it’s also the first time that financing offers storage inserts.

The Mythic Dimension

At Mythic Games, many of us are seduced by the game even if there aren’t any figurines. The mechanics are solid, fluid. Playing time is reasonable. The graphics are great. An idea begins to sprout. Why not work with Gindi to offer the game in a French version, as well as to the entire community of Mythic Games subscribers. This idea led to the concept and birth of the Phoenix Line, a line entirely dedicated to collaborations with third-party publishers.

In January 2020, the collaboration between the two entities was officially announced, and in February, Mythic Games launched the new crowdfunding for the East Quest expansion. The different levels of commitment are carefully studied to suit everyone: both those who have followed Gindi from the start, and new players who would like to catch up.

Enchanters - A Serial Fantasy!
The theme of the expansion is Oriental fantasy. There are six new Kingdoms: Geishas, Monks, Nagas, Ninjas, Pirates, and Samurais. The optional rules are enriched with a Quest Deck and Mythic Cards, super-powerful Monsters announcing the apocalypse which are added at the very end of the Adventure Deck.

Enchanters veterans could purchase just the new expansion of course. For newcomers, a huge box containing all the releases is available, it’s the Ultimate Pledge that you can currently find in our online store. This Deluxe Storage Box was also offered empty for all of the early Enchanters devotees.

This new expansion was an opportunity to bring together all the rules and Kingdom descriptions in a single manual to facilitate the search for rule points during the game. This collaboration was a success with more than 4,300 subscribers participating in the financing, including more than 2,000 who ordered the Ultimate Pledge containing the entire game. Gindi and Mythic Games choosing to collaborate was the right choice.

Enchanters - A Serial Fantasy!

What Are We Playing?

Now that the presentation is done, let’s go back to the basics of the game.

In Enchanters, one to four players embody Enchanters defending an isolated village against hordes of Monsters that have come to assail it. Each Enchanter will constitute a Magical Artifact, composed of an Object and Enchantments, to defeat the Monsters that appear on the Journey Track. Monsters, Items, and Enchantments come from the Adventure Deck made by shuffling all the cards from one Kingdom Deck per player (each player chooses one Kingdom Deck).

The Enchanters universe is a classic medieval-fantasy universe that is not particularly defined, but we will note the omnipresent humor throughout the illustrations, the names of the villages, the Overlords, or even the atmosphere texts (the flavors text) on the cards.

The object of the game is to have the most Glory Points, mainly obtained by killing Monsters. The game ends when the invasion ends, i.e. when the Adventure Deck is empty. As in any epic adventure, Heroes never die. In Enchanters, no player is eliminated, they just accumulate Wounds. These Wounds will be deducted from the Glory Points at the end of the game. Because a swollen Hero is not very glorious.

In addition to selecting Kingdom Decks, the village being defended is randomly drawn from all the existing villages. This is important because each village has a set of specific actions when a player chooses to rest there. The same goes for the Overlord who leads the hordes of Monsters. Each has different special powers. So, when you add up the specificities of each Kingdom Deck (28 to date), Villages, and Overlords, it’s safe to say that no two Enchanters games will be alike, since the possibilities are endless.

It’s possible to be aggressive by going to hunt big Monsters on the Journey Track, done by building a Magical Artifact capable of challenging the Overlord, or on the contrary, play a game of trickster by attacking weaker Monsters, while being sure that your opponents (but nevertheless teammates in the defense of the village) accumulate many Wound Points by indirect effects. Wounds that will be detrimental to them during the final score count. The maps selected during the game set-up will force you to adapt to each game.

And since the games are quite short (less than an hour), it’s the ideal game for lunch breaks or chain several games together in the evening.

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