Solomon Kane – Setting our Tiles!

What’s Up Wednesday – Setting our Tiles!

Hello Mythic Gamers! Today it’s a great day in the office and we want to share that excitement with you in this week’s “What’s Up Wednesday”! The tiles for the story of “Blue Flame of Vengeance” have arrived and they look enchantingly terrific! As you may know, in “Blue Flame of Vengeance”, Solomon Kane finds himself entangled into a story of intrigue mixed with passion and betrayal. Hence, expect to experience mystery at its finest as there’s going to be a lot of investigation, sneaking around, duels to the death and double-crossing. A thrilling story with many “high-adrenaline” moments such as this would only need fitting tiles, and artist Guillem Pongiluppi is a master at conveying that!

The story

In the very beginning, our beloved Puritan sneaks into Banway’s mansion, through the garden in the night. In the early hours there are less guards patrolling the place and the fire in the braziers is burning low, while an early morning mist begins to gather. And you get to witness these into the following tile:
Solomon Kane - Setting our Tiles!

In the early morning, things are tranquil in the garden.

See the level of detail! The paved pathway, the bushes, the pavilion, the burning braziers and more, painting a magnificent picture of that chapter’s setting.
Solomon Kane - Setting our Tiles!

An ambush in the garden

Later on, Solomon witnesses a magnificent duel between Jack Hollinster and his enemy, taking place in a sandy coast under a cloudy sky. It is a duel to the death, and the fate of young Jack and his beloved Mary hang by a thread. Both sides watch the duel with fear in their hearts.
Solomon Kane - Setting our Tiles!

Duelling by the shore.

This scene happens onto the following tile:
Solomon Kane - Setting our Tiles!

The colourful waters washing the rocky beach.

This serene place will soon host one of the most intense duels in the Solomon Kane stories! I want to show you more, but I don’t want to ruin any surprises that we have in store for you! What you think Mythic Gamers? Do you love the tile artwork as we do? Are you eager to play your first stories in the magnificent, breathing world of Solomon Kane? Let us know! And as always, if you have any questions, problems or queries about your pledge, don’t hesitate to email us at We always want to hear from you! Till the next time, have a great Mythic week, Babis
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