JOA – Production Update and RPG PDF News

This week we have an update on where things are at with production, plus some news on the RPG.

JOA - Production Update and RPG PDF News

As I mentioned back in the original wave shipping update, the estimated date at which backers would begin receiving wave one would depend on Chinese New Year. In case you’re not aware, many businesses in China close down for several weeks at this time. I discussed in the comments of last week’s update and in the main comments page that it didn’t look likely that Time of Legends: Joan of Arc would be ready before Chinese New Year and I can confirm that that is the case. Final assembly will be done at the start of March and should be ready to hand over for packing the pledges and putting on the boats by the middle of March. 

We’re due to receive a set of all the final production copies sometime this week. It should have been today, but it appears there’s been some kind of snow-pocalypse in Paris which is delaying things. Once they arrive, we’ll be checking them just to make sure there are no issues before it’s too late to do anything about it. We’ll no doubt be posting photos to our Facebook pages and we’ll share some in next week’s update too.

JOA - Production Update and RPG PDF News

Things are progressing on wave two as well. All of the files have been submitted and gone through pre-production checks. The next step for wave two is to receive and check the pre-production copies. 

To finish with some hopefully exciting news for those of you whose pledges include the RPG and GM’s Screen. Black Books have informed us that the PDFs for these will be ready for download on Thursday 7th February. If you selected an English language version, then you don’t need to do anything other than wait till then when you’ll be sent an email with a link to download the files.

If you selected a French version and if you have an account on the Casus Belli/Black Book editions website which is in the same email address as the one attached to your pledge, then you also do not need to do anything. You’ll also get the email with the download link next Thursday. 

If you have the account but it isn’t in the same email address as your pledge then you’ll need to email before midnight CET tomorrow, 31st January to to request them to link up the accounts.

JOA - Production Update and RPG PDF News

If you selected a French version and you don’t have an account with Casus Belli/Black Book editions, then sign up for one using the same email account you used to pledge.


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