Solomon Kane – Enter the tavern

In this week’s update we unveil more of the great art of talented artist Guillem H. Pongiluppi!

Solomon Kane finds himself in a tavern in “Skulls in the Stars”. And what can you find in a tavern? A lit fireplace, a bar, tables set up with mead and a game or two for passers-by to play.

Sitting by the fireplace playing some cards

Great adventures await our hero in the tavern and many individuals will play a significant role in his endeavours. As you can see the tiles are very nicely detailed and every detail of the tiles will be used in the game!

Solomon Kane will continue his journey in the outside world too, in the same Act. This time he ventures into the moors.

It’s ok, it’s just a broken cart…nothing to be afraid! *voice trembling*

The moors hide secrets and there is definitely more than meets the eye. Several of the tiles that we have already showed you will be combined with each other and thus create different scenes and provide endless opportunities!

And here we’ve got a beach bordering a forested area. Solomon will venture there in a different scenario.

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