RB – I need a Hero!

Splendid work on clearing yet another stretch goal! This time we’re adding a new Hero to your core pledge – a deal that now includes over 100 minis!

Tane is the 12th Hero in your core pledge, so the Reichbusters unit is getting pretty big now. To illustrate this, I asked the Boffins to calculate how many unique combinations of 4 Hero teams we could make with 12 Heroes to pick from. They had to use all their toes as well, but they finally figured out it was 495 unique teams! I doubt anyone will ever play that many times, which means that every game of Reichbusters you ever play can use a unique combination of Heroes!

But enough numbers! What’s your new Hero like?

Tane is a Maori from New Zealand and brings his proud warrior tradition to the Reichbusters in the form of his Haka feat card. Anyone who’s watched the All Black rugby team prepare for a match knows what this looks like, and this is the pose we’ve gone for in the miniature too. In-game, this stuns the enemy into inaction long enough for Tane to demonstrate why they should fear him (not that he’s likely to leave anyone alive long enough to pass on the message). It also makes him impossible to target for the rest of that round, or until he’s wounded. Before you ask, no, the Nazis really can’t wound him, but it’s not unknown for one Hero to “save” another by chucking a grenade into his room…

Of course, every Hero is way more than just one feat card. The style of Tane’s deck is one of a stealthy ambush killer, focussing on surprise attacks and deadly melee combos. He does carry a trench gun for problems that are just out of reach of his machete, but he really prefers sorting things out in person. Up close. Permanently.

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