For those of you who are new to Kickstarter, the pledge manager is where you tell us what the money you pledged is actually for. It’s also where you set your shipping address and pay for shipping. It’s very important that you do this as if you don’t, we won’t be able to send you your stuff.
What’s Up Wednesday – Tackling the Beast! What’s up my favorite group of wonderful people? Stuart here with another update from your friendly neighborhood Mythic Games! As some of you that follow our Facebook may already know, Az and Leo are over with the guys at Beasts of War, preparing another Let’s Play for you...
We made it! Thanks to you and 6,509 other backers we’ve snuck past the guards, completed the mission, and all escaped in one piece! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Reichbusters are go! But wait! Where’s Brad? Did we leave someone behind? Well we can’t have that. Let’s unlock him anyway as a final thank you for joining us...
Did I say you could kill him? That’s not strictly true. He just changes when he “dies” and you replace the miniature with this new one: Projekt 10-80b. This is your latest stretch goal unlock, and as always, is added to every core pledge. Once you “kill” the A version of the creature, things get...
And another stretch goal falls! It’s the last day and you’re still adding great new miniatures to your haul of goodies. There’s no stopping you guys! If I’ve done my sums right, this makes 123 miniatures in each core pledge. Wow! As we’re almost at the end we thought that we’d show you something really special...
When we revealed our Polish assassin Irena way back at the 415k Stretch Goal, we got feedback from you all that the sculpt for Irena’s head and face wasn’t in keeping with her art and feeling for her character. We heard you all, so of course, we went back and have reworked Irena to bring her...
So far you’ve gained a load of extra minis and all the cards and tokens to play them in the game. That’s a huge pile of free stuff which adds tons of extra game options, new enemies, and hundred and hundreds of fun new combos of Heroes to try out. But where will you keep...
The biggest miniature in the game is a long way from being “miniature”: it’s the huge Projekt X. As you can see from the pictures, he towers over the Heroes, and we’ve been working on ways to make him as awesome in the game as he looks. Firstly, I should apologize for not bringing you...
And another stretch goal falls! Well, when I say “falls” what I mean is “bursts into flame and is reduced to a cinder”. Yes, your new miniatures set stuff on fire! This latest stretch goal is a fiery variation of the sentry guns we saw earlier. Just like last time, you get 2 extra miniatures,...
Mary Elizabeth Twisleton-Smythe is not a conventional English lady. To start with, she is Canadian. Secondly, she has a PhD in applied organic chemistry. Possibly most relevant to the topic at hand, she’s in the Reichbusters. Yes, “Prof” is our next Reichbusting Hero! You’ve smashed another stretch goal! The Canadians had not been impressed by...
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