Solomon Kane: Puritan Pledge


This is the KS version of Solomon Kane! This product is not available in retail and you can find it exclusively on our e-shop. It will be delivered to you right after the KS fulfilment.  

It is the end of the 16th century. This is a turbulent time, with bandits lurking in the wilds of the countryside, and pirates roaming the high seas. Evil taints the hearts of men, and many give in to temptation. Many, but not all. Against this tide of corruption stands Solomon Kane. This mortal hero fights his lone crusade, aided by the silent might of the immortal Virtues. Together they fight against the implacable Darkness. This is the fearless opponent who tries to thwart our hero at every turn, and who must be overcome by the players if Solomon Kane is to emerge victorious.

Based upon the stories by Robert E. Howard (creator of Conan), Solomon Kane is a co-opperative narrative adventure board game featuring exceptional 35mm miniatures. It is a highly innovative game of storytelling, resource management, and tactical miniatures play. Players take the part of the invisible powers of good and light who aid Solomon Kane in his quest to overcome the forces of Darkness. Each player is one of the four Cardinal Virtues: Courage, Prudence, Temperance, and Justice, each with special powers that reflect their unique role.

Drawing upon Howard’s famous tales of the Puritan avenger, the Puritan Pledge allows players to tell their own versions of the Rattle of Bones (1 Act), Death’s Black Riders (2 Acts), Skulls in the Stars (2 Acts), and Blue Flame of Vengeance (3 Acts), which were initially in the core box, as well as the Witchfinder General (1 Act), L’Ogre (1 Act), Haunted Mountain (1 Act) and Beast of Bordeaux (1 Act), which were later unlocked as Stretch Goals during the KS campaign. Each of these Howard’s tales is told as one or more Acts, with each Act comprising a full game session. Shorter stories like Rattle of Bones (which has 1 Act) can be completed in a single session, whilst longer tales, like Blue Flame of Vengeance which has 3 Acts, will take multiple sessions to play through.

Each Act is broken down into 10 Chapters, and each Chapter has multiple possible outcomes depending upon the actions of the players. Some Chapters offer story choices, whereas others see the action play out on the game board as the players work together to aid Solomon Kane in his quest.

Using custom card decks and dice, each Virtue can control Solomon Kane or his allies, moving them around the board, fighting enemies, exploring locations, and interrogating suspects for information. If the odds get too stacked against Solomon Kane, the Virtues can even manifest directly to intervene on the board.

Opposing Solomon Kane and the players is the Darkness. This twisted reflection of the Virtues is controlled by an AI deck which determines the actions of enemy miniatures, thwarts the player’s best plans, and competes with them to drive the story in an evil and unholy direction.

The Puritan Pledge is the ultimate Solomon Kane starter pack! It comes with 2 massive boxes to store all game components, the core box, and the Arsenal box. In the Solomon Kane Puritan Pledge, you get 8 complete Adventures: five in 1-Act, two in 2 Acts, and one in 3 Acts. With 10 Chapters per Act, this gives you 110 Chapters in total to explore, and several possible alternate endings. 

 Which will be your story? 



  • 29 double-sided tiles
  • 6 double-layered Virtue dashboards
  • 1 double-layer Stat track
  • 5 player aids
  • 1 Cloud token
  • 20 Blessing tokens
  • 20 Wound tokens
  • 15 Corruption tokens
  • 15 Threshold tokens
  • 20 Progress tokens
  • 20 Light tokens
  • 8 Purity tokens
  • 10 Sentry tokens
  • 12 Objective/ Symbol tokens
  • 14 Exploration tokens
  • 1 Compass rose token
  • 4 Stat Track tokens
  • 3 Spawn tokens
  • 4 Turn order tokens
  • 8 Story books
  • 50 Nightmare cards
  • 7 Sin cards
  • 40 Virtue cards
  • 30 Darkness cards
  • 1 Omen card
  • 50 Event cards
  • 26 Fight cards
  • 62 Fight Effect cards
  • 428 Discovery cards
  • 18 Custom dice
  • 3 Mercy Cubes
  • 3 Luck Cubes
  • 23 Card dividers
  • 79 Miniatures
  • 1 Save box
  • 1 Pack of save sheets
  • 1 Quickstart Guide
  • 1 Rulebook

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