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Board Game Core Box

Conquer the depths of the Darkest Dungeon in this board game adaptation of the critically acclaimed 2016 Red Hook video game!Whether you play solo or co-op with up to 3 other players, you’ll lead a team of 4 Heroes to try and lift the curse cast upon your ancestral lands! Vanquish fearsome monsters, collect precious loot, level up and crush every dungeon as you progress, but always be wary : death awaits around every corner, and monsters are not the only threat roaming these accursed catacombs.

$200.00 (excl VAT)

Deluxe Hamlet Bundle: Core Box + Crimson Court + all accessories +12% Off

Get ready to face the many abominations lurking in the shadow of the Darkest Dungeon with this premium bundle, containing the Core Game and every single available add-on! Everything is here to make your journey the most epic and the most gruesome it can be. Now it is up to you to build your team of Heroes, rise to the challenge to take on what festers in the darkness. Explore the undead-filled ruins, the blood-sucker infested Courtyard and finally face the root of all evil in the depths of the Darkest Dungeon. But beware, there are more than monsters in these accursed halls…This Deluxe version includes gray Hero and red Monster miniatures hand-washed with black ink that pop all the fine detail of these awesome miniatures.

$480 (excl VAT) $550

The Crimson Court Expansion

Complete your Darkest Dungeon experience with the first expansion pack! Add a whole new dungeon to your campaign : The Courtyard, a once lush garden now turned rancid swamp filled to the brim with blood-sucking monstrosities! New quests to complete, new bosses to defeat, all of this and the promise of new rewards, of course. Estimated delivery date after the 1st of December

$70.00 (excl VAT)


Get inside the Darkest Dungeon Core Box

Let's dive into the Darkest Dungeon Core Box and let's have its secrets revealed to us. Are you ready to uncover the full madness of this out of the world Board game by Mythic Games and Redhook?


Gamer's Reviews

“I can’t recommend Darkest Dungeon Board Game enough. The best RPG play I’ve had in recent years.”
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“It’s really addicting, as you eventually gain parties strong enough to defeat bosses and delve into the Darkest Dungeon itself.”
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“A fantastic gameplay that sucks away time as you try to outwit the deadly creatures and obstructions in the darkest dungeon.”
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Game Designer

How Crazy must you be to come up with such a Game ?

Tyler-Sigman-darkest dungeon-mythic-games

Tyler Sigman – Co-President Design Director Red Hook

“Mythic Games captured all the key parts of the video game while still making necessary tweaks to make it work as a co-operative multiplayer board game. The production quality is off charts. No exaggeration it will be a dream come true!”

Chris bourassa mythic game darkest dungeon

Chris Bourassa – Creative Director Red Hook

“The Team at Mythic Games is a perfect fit for Darkest Dungeon. It’s mind blowing to see the heroes and Monsters reimagined as miniatures. The sculptural quality and attention to details is incredible ! I can’t wait to get my hands on them!”


Leonidas Vesperini – Co Founder Mythic Games

“We’ve created a lot of successful board games at Mythic Games but none have generated so much enthousiasme as the Darkest Dungeon Project. The final product is a monster! Quality, miniature, gameplay … Everything you could crave for is in this game and arriving this winter!”


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How long to paint 1 miniature?

Our professional painters take between 3 to 60 hours

Is painting difficult ?

The Darkest Dungeon miniature are perfect to start painting

What tools do I use?

Airbrush and acrylic brush is ideal

Darkest Dungeon's Fan Zone

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More Buyers Reviews

“Placed a pre-order on one of Mythic’s game from the E-shop and was given updates on the website for the release date. Once sent out I received regular emails on the package’s journey. It was sent on a Friday and delivered to my doorstep in the UK by DPD on the Sunday. Fantastic experience will definitely use again very soon!”

Paul Blyth


“I love the Darkest Dungeon video game and Mythic Games is the company that makes you feel like a part of the production. Great Kickstarters, great community, great games. Quality product, and serious work. I strongly recommend their games to anyone who likes RPG, wargaming, and painting. Can’t wait to get my DD Board Game.”

Grégory Martin-Teyssier


“They are innovative, their games are not the same and they are always looking for the slightest detail to differentiate themselves from other designers. The quality of the material is on point, everything is done to allow players to have fun with quality material. And finally, the team is very available.”

Mile Anese


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