What’s up Wednesday: Raiders of the Lost Ark

We’ve had some more arrivals in the office this week, but before showing them off, a reminder that the pledge manager is closing in just five days. Completion rate is currently running at 82%, so if you’re amongst the 18% then please make sure you fill out the pledge manager by Monday at the latest. The exact closing time of the pledge manager is midnight on the east coast of the US.

If you haven’t received an email invitation to the pledge manager then there’s no need to wait. Just go to Game On Tabletop, register for an account using the email address you used to back the Kickstarter campaign, and then request a password reset.

If you’re experiencing any issues with completing your pledge then email us on ‘[email protected]’.

Now that’s out of the way, we have some new masters to show you and some dice. First up is the dice. We’ve been using 3D printed dice and blank dice with stickers on in all our demos, but now we have the real thing, and mighty fine they look too! You can see the four different types of combat dice, the doom dice, and the giant dice.

We’ve also received some new masters. We’ve got the large farmhouse, some ruins, and the Ark of the Covenant itself, with Joan shown for scale.

Here’s Joan again being shown for scale again. This time next to a print of one of the activation banners which can be used in place of the wooden order cubes that come in the core set.

The activation banners will come with stickers to represent the appropriate activations

Over the next few days we will be sharing daily updates with you all to on some scenarios and to answer some of the questions that Az and Ben have been collating via Kickstarter, Discord, Facebook and Board Game Geek.

And one more thing. The pledge manager closes on Monday.



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