What’s up Wednesday: Pledge Manager News

It’s been a little over two weeks since we closed the pledge manager and whilst the large majority of you were able to complete it on time and have your pledge as you wanted it, there have been some people who for a variety of reasons have still needed to access their pledge. I have been able to help out by amending pledges for people, but it has been very time consuming to do it, so for this reason we’re going to re-open the pledge manager for a short time to allow as many people as possible who still need to amend their pledge to do so. We’ll send out an update soon to let everyone know when it will re-open, so if you do still need to access your pledge then you’ll have the chance to do so then. We are still on schedule to ship to you in December and this doesn’t affect that. It won’t make any major difference to the order numbers which was the main information we needed to establish when we closed the pledge manager. In terms of production, and as you can probably guess from the content of recent updates, we’re currently receiving batches of resin masters from the factory. The latest batch contains more of the stretch goal minis which you can check out here – Ben
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