What’s up Wednesday: Cannes-can

We’re all back in the office now after a fantastic Festival des Jeux in Cannes. This was my first time at the show, and if you have the chance to go then I highly recommend it.

Our booth… with people, this time!

The trip has meant that emails and messages have piled up, so if you’ve sent anything in the last week or so and haven’t had a reply, then please accept my apologies. I’m working through the backlog and will get to you as soon as I can.

We had 6 tables of Joan of Arc, 5 different scenarios

The pledge manager has just over three weeks until it closes. So far 64% of you have completed it. If you haven’t done it yet, don’t forget to fill out the pledge manager over at Game On Tabletop. If you’ve not received an invitation email then just head over to the website, log in using your Kickstarter email, and then request a password reset. You can return as often as you want if you decide later you want to add something to your pledge.

We had non-stop demos for 3 days, 500 people tried Joan of Arc! And we announced our next project: Solomon Kane!

We’re aware that some of you have been waiting on an announcement about shipping prices. We weren’t happy with the cost that our backers in certain parts of the world have to pay so we’ve tried our best to find an alternative, but unfortunately, we’ve not been able to do so. Every other avenue we tried was either no cheaper or much more expensive. It means that the prices as they are now are unlikely to change.

The werewolf scenario is a “classic” that has been demoed hundreds of times since we started communicating on Joan of Arc

Our stand at Cannes was very busy all weekend, and we had a large team of our amazing ambassadors manning no less than six tables and five different Time of Legends: Joan of Arc scenarios. In total, over 500 people played around 200 games at the demo tables over the course of the show. Some were existing Kickstarter backers, and it was great to meet some of you in person, whilst others were complete newcomers, and the feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive. We gave away miniatures, badges, and posters showed off our painted minis and had the Good Place Inn on display.

The Battle of Brossiniere is another “classic” historical scenario that we’ve demoed hundreds of times.

Among the scenarios were some old favorites like hunt the werewolf, the Brossinière, the Fierbois scenario we revealed in last week’s update, a siege, and one scenario that was making its public debut in Visiting Chinon. This is one of the scenarios that comprise the campaign found in the Compendium, and it’s a little bit different from what you might be used to. The hex terrain tiles are nowhere to be found here, as the action takes place entirely inside the castle of Chinon. Intrigue and deception are the order of the day, as the dastardly/heroic English (delete as appropriate) attempt to abduct the French king from under the nose of Joan.

Solomon Kane even demoed the Brossiniere scenario... He was obviously supporting the English!
Solomon Kane even demoed the Brossiniere scenario… He was obviously supporting the English!

Whilst the Cannes trip has eaten into the time we’ve had in the last week to prepare and layout the rulebook, we do have Visiting Chinon translated and laid out for your delight and edification.

Download the Chinon scenario here!

The rulebook is close to being ready, and we won’t wait for the next What’s up Wednesday to get it out to you if it’s finished before then.

Close up of the Brossiniere. We had a 50-50 victory ratio for the English and the French during the convention

Cannes was also the first time we had our newest team member with us. Some of you may recognize Az already from his time with our friends at Beasts of War, and we’re proud to now have him as a member of the Mythic Games team. Leo was busy all weekend giving interviews (he hasn’t met a camera he doesn’t like ? ), and both he and Az teamed up for an interview on the boardgame geek Livestream –

Az and Leo’s interview on BGG is part of the full day’s stream, about 4 hours 25 minutes in.

Les Tourelles, a Siege scenario that was very popular during the show!

Saturday evening was our Ambassadors Party (and yes, we did serve Ferrero Rocher…). We can’t thank our team enough for the hard work, dedication, knowledge, and passion they brought to the stand from the first day to the last. Our ambassadors weren’t the only people who joined us, as we also had a very special guest on the stand who brought all the fun and laughs to proceedings that the Puritans are famous for….


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