The art of Solomon Kane can be yours!

With the energy and support of our enthusiastic collaborators, the art of talented Guillem H. Pongiluppi will now be immortalized in a beautiful Solomon Kane hardcover art book.

With Solomon Kane’s Stretch Goals and Add-Ons, we’ve created mostly gameplay-centric additions to the game, to provide as much content as possible to our backers.

However, throughout the campaign, we received requests from many of you who wanted something special to celebrate the Solomon Kane art they admired during the campaign.

We also had an incredible response to our social Stretch Goals, which in a very short time allowed us to add four high-quality A3 prints within each core box.

With such a return from the community, we had to create something to match your passion.

All this materialized in a related art book that we share with you today.

Solomon will of course be featured in its pages, which will portray his trials, his adventures and his triumphs over the forces of darkness.

The art book will not only focus on the hero Solomon himself, but also on the world in which his adventures took place.

Explore Africa, France, Germany, England and the “New World” by browsing through the places Solomon crossed.

We will also include our own scenes and some of the key quotes taken directly from the writings of Robert E. Howard, on which the artist relied to create his works of art.

Fans of the stories will also find scenes drawn directly from the books, made in the unique and captivating style of Guillem.

Robert E. Howard fans can even purchase the Art Book separately from the game, as an Add-On during the Pledge Manager, after the Kickstarter campaign, if this is the only item that interests them.

Note that the texts of the Artbook will be in both English and French.

Tonight, Saturday, June 23, at 20:00, we will have Leo live from Paris with Patrice Louinet, our Robert E. Howard expert, to talk about the Howard Days, illustrations that have been created for our game and the importance of the legacy of Solomon Kane.

So ? What do you think of Guillem H. Pongiluppi’s illustrations?

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