Rise of the Necromancers

Rise of the Necromancers

Choose your Necromancer, recruit your Apprentice, and venture forth! Raise eternal armies, conquer cities and levy taxes paid in corpses, explore dungeons and claim the title of Headmaster of four great Necromantic Academies. The first player place their last Dominion counter wins!

Pledge Manager Close Date:
Wednesday June 1st, 23:59 BST

Address Update Close Date: To be announced

Over 2500 Mythical Creatures have loved this project! A big thanks to all of you!

Project Overview
RotN - Gamefound Page - 14 - Panel 1 Goal of the Game 2.1
RotN - PM - Gameplay
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BACKERS! HERE'S HOW TO FINALIZE YOUR ORDERS! Welcome to the Pledge Manager for Rise of the Necromancers!

If you have backed the Gamefound campaign, this Pledge Manager is where you finalize your pledge, provide your shipping address, and pay for shipping and any applicable taxes.

In your cart, you will find credits, equal to the amount that you paid during the Gamefound campaign. You MUST complete the following steps:

1. Choose the pledge level you want. It can be identical to the one you chose during the campaign or a different one. Don’t forget to choose which language version you require if there is an option!

2. (Optional) Select any number of add-ons and additional pledges.

3. On the Check-out page, enter ALL your shipping details. Additionally please add your phone number, as we cannot ship items to you if we don’t have it. The delivery services we use globally require this information in order to ship on our behalf. Your shipping costs will also be detailed on the Check-out Page.

4. If the total cost of items in your cart exceeds the amount you pledged the Gamefound Campaign (the credits that have been imported here), then you can pay the difference indicated when you check out.

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Why late pledge? Late pledging now allows you to pick up the game at the SAME PRICE as it was during the original campaign!

This is the last opportunity to do so; after that, the game will be released into retail at a higher price, and the Grim Harvest box,
which contains the majority of the Stretch Goals, will be sold separately.

RotN - Gamefound Page - 21 - Why back
Shipping Information
Rise of the Necromancers Friendly Shipping

Please note that the information which was displayed during the Gamefound campaign was shipping estimates, as the pricing was not finalized with our distribution hubs. Please note that shipping was NOT charged during the campaign.
You will have to pay for the shipping charges in this pledge manager, based on the delivery address you enter. We have tried our best to provide the best possible quotes and we are utilizing multiple distribution hubs for fulfillment.

Shipping in the USA, European Union, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom is customs friendly, meaning you will not have to pay customs duty when you receive your pledge. Backers from these countries will not pay import taxes. As we announced during the Gamefound campaign, from this campaign and on we will be charging VAT during our Pledge Manager. We had previously been paying VAT by taking it off our margin, however, the current situation with increased ocean freight and cost of materials have made it impossible to maintain a healthy margin without charging extra. We are trying to maintain the cost of our games and shipping at a reasonable level, without transferring the increase in cost (which can be as high as 5x) to our valued backers, which leaves us only with the option of charging VAT. This is not a decision we are taking lightly and we thank you for your understanding.

VAT is calculated for countries that are part of the European Union or the UK after you add all items in your cart and checkout. For the VAT % please advise the table below.

RotN Gamefound Page VAT
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Rise of the Necromanters Add Ons
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