RB – Not of this Earth

After the game developers were getting a bit cocky flaunting their recent mission successes in Reichbusters, I decided to throw them down a random RAID Mission challenge to see how they would fair!


I am kinda hoping they’d die to be honest 😛

Here is one of Gisela Grubers Faction cards and the one the Game Devs have to face. This lets them know that Soldiers and Mutations will be their main enemies!

You will have two different Faction cards for Gisela in the final game and every Vrilmeister adds more!

Their mission, to infiltrate the castle, get to the Vrilmeisters office and drop off the fake orders to delay the research into vril.

Each core game will come with at least four base objective types.

The Map defines the layout and importantly the location of the Vrilmeisters desk. Every different Map means different plans needed, so take your time to view the overview before picking your team.

You’ll have at least four different maps in the core box.

Finally, the guys are playing with Team Harrier which defines their Heroic Points, additional skills available, items awarded at the beginning of the mission as well as their special ability.

You’ll have a minimum of four different teams to choose from in the core box.

The guys did extremely well to make it out, even though it was just Sarge who got to the door!

What did you guys think of this quick glimpse into RAID Missions?



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