RB – Yes, I definitely heard something

Sometimes we have to take a step back from adding more Heroes, and just make the game stand out more. That’s what this is all about. Yes, this stretch goal adds a 3D miniature of the alarm to every core pledge. And don’t underestimate the alarm – it’s a very important idea in Reichbusters.

This mini can be used instead of the card round counter on the mission tracker. You may have noticed the mission tracker in the graphics showing the game contents. This keeps track of how far along the mission you are, and (critically) whether or not the alarm has yet gone off. It’s a simple job, but a vital one.

Speaking of the mission tracker, while we’ve been playing (and showing) a fixed 10-round one, we’ve also been tinkering with an alternative. This breaks the physical track into its pre-alarm and post-alarm sections. “Why would we bother?” I hear you cry. Glad you asked.

The answer is because this lets us show a different number of rounds on each side of the tracker. This allows us to have longer or shorter pre-alarm sections, or to make the whole game different lengths, no longer a fixed 10. It’s a great way to give you control over the game’s level of difficulty, with longer games and/or more pre-alarm time making missions easier, and vice versa. As I said, still being tested, but showing a lot of promise, and a fun little addition.

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