RB – Things that go BOOM in the night…

Mechanical spiders that explode? That’s right, the tracking bombers are on the prowl again with a new variant sculpt to join in the fun as our first stretch goal. And this isn’t just a lone example lurking in the sink – it’s 4 new minis to add to your Reichbusting collection!

Itsy bitsy spider…

Of all the Nazi weirdness, the tracking bombers are one of the most easily understood, and one of the hardest to deal with. What do they do? They just scuttle up to you and explode. Ouch!

If you can shoot them at a distance (making them explode in the midst of their comrades) then they can actually be a great help to the Heroes. However, they’re fast and sneaky and will try to make themselves difficult targets by hiding behind their friends. Running away may be an option…

Next up… Something that will make your game look cool!




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