RB – Please don’t drop the…

Good for missions, and generally useful about the lab, Nazi engineers have a multitude of uses when you’re tinkering about with weird Ancient technology. They work really hard, but they can also be targets for assassination, people to rescue or kidnap, or just accidental bystanders to heroic RAIDs. And you lucky people now have 4 of these chaps in your core pledge (bringing your total mini count to 107). Vriliant!

In game, the engineers can be swapped for scientists in any faction that uses them. Decide when you assemble that faction’s minis at the start of the game whether you will have all scientists, all engineers, or some mix of the two. They have the same basic stat line (neither like to fight), but slightly different behaviours.

The engineers are in the middle of their work day, moving dangerous vril canisters from one place to another as they are needed. It’s a tiring and dangerous job, and they’d rather not get into a fight.

Vril is unstable stuff at the best of times, and being shot full of holes is hardly the best of times. If one of the vril engineers dies, then their vril canister may react badly. If the Heroes are lucky, it might stay intact. More likely is that there will be a spillage, and a toxic pool of vril will spread across the area. That’s not good at all, but it can get much worse. At the most extreme end is a large vril-enhanced explosion, which will obliterate weaker individuals nearby, and even badly injure our Heroes.

In some ways, this makes them a bit like the tracking bombers. However, the tracking bombers actually want to explode – the engineers definitely don’t. They’d much rather run their errands and get out of the way. After all, they didn’t ask to be attacked by rampaging commandos. They’re just trying to do their job!



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