RB – Now he’s angry!

Did I say you could kill him? That’s not strictly true. He just changes when he “dies” and you replace the miniature with this new one: Projekt 10-80b.

This is your latest stretch goal unlock, and as always, is added to every core pledge.

Once you “kill” the A version of the creature, things get even worse. It bursts open to reveal yet more horrors, and when it does everyone nearby takes damage. You then have to kill it all over again, and (whilst it will stay dead if you can kill it a second time), it’s even tougher than the previous version. Naturally, it also has 2 wounds as well.

So what’s next? Well, we have one final stretch goal. We really didn’t think you’d get through this many today, so we’d removed one stretch goal from in front of the mutants so that you had them as an exciting finale. But you guys just don’t know when to stop and have roared past Projekt 10-80 in both forms in record time! So, that stretch goal returns.

Our final stretch goal is one final Hero for the Reichbusters: Brad.



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