RB – Not of this Earth

Meet Hugo… Hugo Hander.

When you have a power source like vril to hand, the world is your oyster. In fact, several worlds are your oyster.

Vril is so much more than a diesel generator or other simple power source. It has many more esoteric properties, and the Nazis are well aware that they’ve only just scratched the surface. For this reason, Project Vril has become an umbrella term for a series of several disparate projects, all researching vril’s properties in their own way. One department looks at the ways vril mutates creatures, and whether this can be used to produce soldiers for the front. Another unit seeks to understand the limits of vril as a pure energy source. Yet others take a more mystical approach. Then there is Department 6.

A typical Department 6 deployment.

Department 6 wanted to travel to other worlds. This was on the fringe of an already fringe research area, but to the complete surprise of the other departments, they have been successful. They have created The Portal.

The Portal initially formed inside one of the labs, swallowed most of the occupants and equipment, and then exploded. It reappeared later, removing the project leader and several of his senior researchers (none of them have been seen since). The third time it appeared was exactly where and when predicted, so it could be far better controlled. Since then it has been permanently constrained by a ring of dampening devices and is as stable as anything related to vril can be. This is The Portal you see in-game.

So what is it?

The Portal…

The Nazis aren’t entirely sure. The Portal appears to be a gateway to an alien world. Where (or even when) this might be is unguessable. So far, Nazi exploration has not seen the surface of this new world, only the many tunnels and nests of the aliens who live there. This tunnel system is where the other end of The Portal emerges.

Not of this Earth allows you to take your Heroes into the weird world of Department 6 and the alien realm they have discovered. In addition to all the cards and tokens needed to use the many miniatures in the box, it contains new tiles to build alien maps, as well as more of the castle and bunker tiles (contaminated with alien influence) to expand your possible Earth maps.

The expansion also includes cards to add even more variety to your RAID options, and 4 new missions for the narrative campaign. These are an optional aside that fits into the middle of the core box campaign, extending this story.

Encounter with Department 6’s Shrieker

Without giving away too many spoilers, the basic idea is this. The first of the campaign missions sees our intrepid heroes fighting their way to The Portal itself. The area around it is heavily contaminated with evidence of the aliens, though the Heroes don’t know what this is yet. They just know that it’s weird. It’s also well-defended and is something that the Nazis clearly don’t want to be discovered. It will be tough to get in, let alone out again in one piece.

The other three missions take place through The Portal, in the alien world itself.

Many things are strange here. The map works differently, and the place has no doors to give away your stealthy approach (or to hide behind). While the core rules remain the same, the experience is quite new. Alien, almost.

Doktor Kopff

There are 3 main groups to encounter in the alien world. The first is the lost Nazis. The Heroes are far from the first humans to go through The Portal. Many Nazi explorers have preceded them (not always deliberately, or willingly), and few have returned. Some, perhaps most, have died. However, that’s not been the fate of everyone. In fact, some of the lost Nazis rather like it there.

Then we have the aliens themselves. So far, the Nazis have met two different alien groups. These seem to be unrelated, and there is some tension between them. Everyone seems to agree on hating the Nazis though, which makes for some potentially interesting 3-way battles.


Each of the alien races fights differently. Die Ausgeburt can control the minds of other creatures, but only once die Kleinen minions have plunged their pincers into them and a link has been established. Tricky, as Die Kleinen are small and relatively weak. However, their slightness and weakness also give them a size that is hard to hit, and they are fast!

Augenmutter is blind in any normal sense, yet can see just fine through her mobile Augen. Once she knows where the Heroes or other enemies are, then she can blast them with raw vril power, and that can cut through any armour. This makes fighting her a game of hiding and seek. If you are going to let her see you, make sure you do it only as of the prelude to a great deal of firepower!

Die Augenmutter

Both of the alien races are adept at manipulating vril naturally, and this is a point of great scientific interest. If humans could learn this skill in any form then they would have a huge military advantage. Don’t forget – there’s a war on!

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