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Rembrandt (or Remmy to his friends) is your next stretch goal Hero – mini 111 in your core pledge! As with all the other Heroes, he comes with all the cards and tokens needed to play in his own, inimitable style.

Remmy’s favoured weapons are twin pistols, which he uses only as a last resort. He is, of course, proficient at killing Nazis when he needs to (he wouldn’t get into the Reichbusters if he wasn’t), but he is far more than just another assassin. No, killing power alone isn’t why you’d choose Remmy for your team. That’s his other trick.

He is quite a different character from the last couple of Heroes we’ve added. He’s not a brash melee fighter like Tane or Bjørn; he’s a spy. His area of expertise is manipulating the Nazis themselves. To do this he often disguises himself as a Nazi officer, misdirecting enemy troops and issuing false orders. This can move guard points, change the directions of the Nazi movement, or stop them from acting altogether. It gives him considerable influence over the enemy troops on the board and is a set of skills that other Heroes simply don’t have. Including Remmy in your team changes the way the whole group operates.

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