RB – More Nasties

RB - More Nasties

This stretch goal reminds me of the zombie question I posed earlier: can you have too many vril-powered mutant hounds in your secret Nazi bunker? I think not. That being the case, we’ve added 4 more 6XX miniatures to every core pledge, and made them a new sculpt to add more variety to your Nazi horde. And the horde is getting pretty big now. This stretch goal brings every core pledge up to 97 minis. Sneaking up towards that magic 100!

RB - More Nasties - Alternate experiments
RB - More Nasties - 3d

Like their kin in the core box, these 6XXs are slavering monsters who are engineered to be utterly fearless and extremely hungry. Heroes are their favourite snack. They are also trained to interpose themselves between enemies and other friendly forces, which means that these more abundant 600 series mutants stop you killing the targets you really want to hurt. Almost as if it’s the work of some fiendish mastermind…

RB - More Nasties - Stretch goal
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