RB – If you can break it, he can fix it

RB - If you can break it, he can fix it

Now that you’ve added loads more enemies, it’s about time we had another Hero to reinforce the good guys.

RB - If you can break it, he can fix it - Bochka

With the Reichbuster’s missions to explore new Nazi technology, it was only natural that HQ look for someone who was adept in that area. The Soviet envoy to the unit recommended Bochka without hesitation, and he has proven that to be a wise choice many times over.

Bochka 3d

Bochka has a mechanical arm of his own design, so he is part-machine himself. This, plus his lifelong tinkering with mechanical contraptions of all sorts, has given him a huge depth of knowledge and empathy when it comes to dealing with unknown devices – exactly the skill you need when delving into secret Nazi workshops.

RB - If you can break it, he can fix it - Bochka

He can turn his hand to both creation and destruction, and is as happy making field repairs as he is dismantling a tank in melee. He is also handy with explosives, which further endears him to the Reichbusters.

RB - If you can break it, he can fix it - SG
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