RB – Be careful with that…

We’ve added new troopers to the Nazi ranks, and several fresh Heroes to fight them. What we haven’t done so far is add any new Nazi characters. Time to put that right.

Among the many strange characters who populate the secret Nazi labs is one who should, by rights, have died years ago. General von Eichenberg (Colonel as he was then) was one of the first staff of Projekt Vril, and took part in much of the early research. That was back when even the current rudimentary safety measures weren’t followed, and consequently he was badly tainted with raw vril. The majority who suffered as he did were not alive long. However, von Eichenberg was made of sterner stuff. Or perhaps he had just been so infused with vril that it was the contamination itself which kept him going. Whatever the cause, he survived, twisted and mutated into a disfigured parody, but with an even keener understanding of vril’s potential than before.

He is not a frontline fighter in the usual sense; he is neither strong nor especially fast. However, he is deeply cunning, possessed of some strange mutations, and able to control vril in ways which even he doesn’t entirely understand. In previous centuries it would have been called magic…

General von Eichenberg comes with his stat card and a new Nazi faction card that expands the already huge array of options for your RAID missions (I’ll be talking more on RAIDs in a later update – coming soon). In brief though, the Nazi faction card you choose for a RAID dictates which types of enemies (and how many) you might meet in your game. Each Nazi vrilmeister has at least 1 and sometimes 2 of these cards. So that every Nazi boss has their own style of play and character. Again, all adding to the replayability.

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