RB – All Better Now Charging ever onwards

This time it’s a new Hero to add yet more choice and replayability to the game.

The Reichbusters are no strangers to injuries, which makes Doc a very welcome addition to their ranks. Unsurprisingly, he specializes in keeping his comrades fighting fit rather than fighting (he even brought his own stretcher), so he plays very differently.

Doc is an interesting choice when you build your team. All the other Heroes do more damage than he does. Do you miss out on some offensive power to take Doc and all the enhanced survivability he brings? It’s a choice that will change the whole team dynamic and make games with Doc quite different from those without him. All of which is great for replayability, and gives you a new, fun challenge to unravel.

Like all stretch goal Heroes, Doc adds the following to your haul of goodies: a miniature, a Hero card for his dashboard, 2 weapon tokens2 skill tokens2 unique feat cards, and a deck of 10 action cards.

Doc - SG




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