RB – A Hero with an axe to grind

Mostly, of course, he grinds the ax so that it can be extra sharp for when he meets the enemy. Wouldn’t want to meet mutated Nazi monstrosities with a dull ax now, would you? Naturally, most people think him a little eccentric for relying on an ax in the age of the gun, but he couldn’t care less. Axes don’t jam or run out of bullets.

Bjorn is your latest unlocked stretch goal: the 13th Hero in every core pledge. That’s lucky for you, not so lucky for the Nazis! Now you have over 700 unique combinations of 4 Heroes to try out!

Bjorn specializes in melee. Normally that means silent kills, and he would be quiet too if it wasn’t for all the battle cries and the screams of the dying. Ah well. Can’t have everything.

In battle, he wields his trusty ax alongside a pistol (carried reluctantly for the ones who try to run). He is fuelled by pure rage, which is great for his lethality, and less great for his stealth. Sometimes he’ll tone it down to sneak under the Nazis’ radar, but he comes into his own once the alarm has gone off and he can work himself up into as much of a frenzy as he likes. Letting Bjorn loose in a fight is like taking the brakes off your car and rolling down the hill with your eyes closed. Someone’s going to get messed up.

Just let it happen.

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