Super Fantasy Brawl: Art of War

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This expansion, which can be used in conjunction with the core box, gives you three additional champions and a variety of new combinations and synergies for your team!

Each Champion comes with their own miniature and 7 card deck. Sulka, Ko’lel, and Akhet are specialists in the Art of War, the most manipulative champions in Fabulosa!

art of war box contents
  • 3 miniatures
  • 21 cards

This expansion comes with cards in both English and French.

What is The Art of War if not about military strategy and thought? Meet the schemers and strategists of the Art of War expansion.

Ko’ Lel – the Jungle Typhoon, armed with her deadly blowpipe, her combination of skill, speed, and tactical knowledge was believed to have saved thousands of her people and bring fear to the forests.

Akhet the Skylord – Light of Creation. Akhet has led the charge in any battle he was a part of, breaking the enemy with his tireless ferocity, but his true potential lies in his ability to support your other Champions.

Sulka, The Poisoned Mind – is a master of disrupting her enemies in a sophisticated way: by applying Manipulation magic through her signature hairpins.


Cette extension est livrée avec des cartes en anglais et en français.

Qu’est-ce que l’Art de la guerre si ce n’est la stratégie et la pensée militaires ? Rencontrez les intrigants et les stratèges de l’extension Art of War.

Ko’ Lel, le Cyclone de la jungle, est connue pour avoir sauvé son peuple et semé la terreur dans les forêts. Armée de sa sarbacane mortelle, elle est à la fois extrêmement habile, rapide et tactique.

Akhet, le Seigneur du Ciel – Lumière de la Création, Akhet a mené la charge dans toutes les batailles auxquelles il a participé, brisant l’ennemi par son infatigable férocité. Mais son véritable potentiel réside dans sa capacité à soutenir vos autres champions.

Sulka, l’esprit venimeux – est maîtresse dans l’art de perturber les plans de ses ennemis : elle excelle dans l’utilisation de la magie de la Manipulation.

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Arena Combat, Competitive

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Jochen Eisenhuth


Johannes Helgeson, Stephane Gantiez, Christophe Madura, Didier Nguyen, Emmanuel Bouley


Argyris Pouggouras, Nick Notis, Babis Giannios, Stuart Siddons, Josh Chambers

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