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This is the KS version of Against the Vampires expansion! This product is not available in retail and you can find it exclusively on our e-shop. Product is arriving at the hubs last week of February and will ship starting the first week of March.

“Yonder in the unknown vastness”—his long finger stabbed at the black silent jungle which brooded beyond the firelight—”yonder lies mystery and adventure and nameless terror. Once I dared the jungle—once she nearly claimed my bones. Something entered into my blood, something stole into my soul like a whisper of unnamed sin. The jungle! Dark and brooding—over leagues of the blue salt sea she has drawn me and with the dawn I go to seek the heart of her. Mayhap I shall find curious adventure—mayhap my doom awaits me. But better death than the ceaseless and everlasting urge, the fire that has burned my veins with bitter longing.“

R.R Howard, The Hills of the Dead

This expansion includes two new Adventures: The Hills of the Dead, and The Moon of Skulls. It comes with all the new minis, cards, and tiles you need to journey across the savannah with Solomon Kane, and fight alongside him Against the Vampires!

In the Heart of Africa we saw Solomon Kane begin his African Adventures. Now he’s back for more, and this time it’s Vampires! Are you willing to stand beside Kane as he confronts these shape-shifting, night-stalking foes?

SK Eshop Against the Vampires Contents Images
  • 8 double-sided Tiles
  • 12 Fight cards
  • 5 Fight Effect cards
  • 149 Discovery cards
  • 27 Miniatures
  • 2 Storybooks (5 acts, 50 Chapters)

The jungle.. A mysterious and full of secrets place. Our beloved Puritan is returning for more adventures, and this time it’s Against the Vampires! They are not your traditional Transylvanian bloodsuckers, though. These vampires have an African twist, which provides a unique challenge for our Puritan Hero.

In Against The Vampires, Kane trades the jungles of the western coast of Africa’s easter savannah. He carries with him a musket to deal with dangerous predators, and a strange, cat-headed staff which is inscribed with incomprehensible glyphs. Little does he know that both weapons will prove extremely useful to him against deadly, serpent-aspected Vampires that cannot be harmed by mortal weapons, and the secrets hidden within the caverns of Negari, the Vampire Queen’s realm. Will you guide Kane as he faces down these sgape-shifting, night-stalking foes?

Hills of the Dead: Against the horrors infesting the Hills of the Dead! In this adventure undertake exciting dream quests with the necromancer N’Longa, and earn an artefact of colossal power and antiquity. Save the young woman, Zunna from deadly, serpent-aspected vampires that cannot be harmed by mortal weapons. In the final battle, protect N’Longa from the horde while he weaves a powerful spell to take control of the very forces of nature, then defeat the undead and raze their city.

The Moon of Skulls: Solomon Kane’s African adventure ends here. Solomon climbs through the night to reach the entrance to Nekari, the Vampire Queen’s realm, wherein lies what he has scoured the continent for decades to find. In The Moon of Skulls enter Nekari’s subterranean city, and outwit and defeat her Negari warriors to rescue the slave, Marylin. Confront Nekari herself, and speak truth to her power. Find the secret passages leading to the prison of the last Atlantean Priest, and learn from him the history of Nakari’s realm and how to defeat her. Finally escape the city with Marylin on the Moon of Skulls, before the High Priest performs his ritual to wed her to The Master.

This is an expansion, and cannot be played without the base game.

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