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Pledge Manager closed! Thank You!

What an amazing adventure we have had with the Pledge Manager! No-one here in the Mythic Games studios (whether coffee-enthused Paris or pasty-eating Newcastle) could have imagined just how much energy you would bring to the pledge manager. It felt like we were going to enjoy a whole second campaign! We had over 1,100 new backers join us on tabletop, it was made to be more of a reality. scenarios with you, and get your feedback. From here, we’d like to say a big ‘ thank you! If you had any issues getting it completed in time, then do not worry. Just email us on ‘[email protected]’ as soon as you can, and we can still get them resolved for you. Aside from all the pledge manager excitement, production has been continuing as normal. I’ll leave you this week with some shots of the stretch goal resin masters which have just arrived from the factory. Ben
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