The $960k stretch goal didn’t last long! Well done! Now that’s behind you, every copy of the core game will come with the Abbot miniature to lead his flock against the ghostly foe on the Haunted Mountain. Bless you all!  

Kickstarter - Onward!

You will have probably also noticed that we’re also getting very close to the end of the campaign, with less than 48 hours left to run. Just two more days of Kickstarter jamboree, stretch goals, and Leo Lives, and then…. silence. Well, not really silence as we’ll be in the comments every day till we deliver your game. It just feels like silence after all the excitement. But I digress…  

With so many stretch goals, we’re going to need a very big and sturdy box to hold them all. So far, this has been imagined as a plain card box – utilitarian and functional, but not something that looks very special on your shelf. As we love beautiful games, we’re going to interrupt our scheduled Haunted Mountain stretch goals for a special addition: Solomon Kane’s Arsenal box. A rather expensive and elegantly-finished full-art game box that you will be proud to put on your shelf alongside the core box of Solomon Kane. This will be our next stretch goal at $1million.  

Solomon Kane's Arsenal Box

Basically, this will be a second box of a similar size to the core box, and made to the same exacting standards, with its own unique cover art. Now, we know that boxes aren’t terribly flashy as stretch goals go. They are very useful though, and we’ve had very positive feedback from doing this in both of our previous campaigns. It certainly makes displaying your wonderful game much more impressive on the shelf. And Solomon Kane will need a whole shelf…  

Onward! - SG

If you are interested in any of our add-ons, simply click on the green “manage your pledge” button near the top of the page. Then increase your total by the amount of any add-ons you wish to include in your pledge. So, if you have an Early Bird Puritan pledge ($110) and want to add the Early Bird Virtuous Bundle ($190) so that you have everything available for Solomon Kane, you would increase your total to $300.  

Please note that during the campaign there is no way for you to tell us what the money you pledge is actually for, so don’t worry about that now. Instead, after the Kickstarter is over we will send you a “pledge manager”. This allows you to tell us exactly how you want to allocate your pledge, which add-ons you would like, how many core boxes, and (most importantly) where we need to send it all!  

Also note that you need to take the Early Bird Virtuous bundle if you have an Early Bird pledge, to avoid getting The Right Hand of Doom twice.

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