Mythic Games and Ingenio Games Reach Strategic Distribution Agreement

Mythic Games and Ingenio Games closed a strategic agreement for 5 years to distribute Mythic’s games in Spanish.
NEWCASTLE, UK — December 1st, 2021— Leading miniature games publisher, Mythic Games, is proud to announce they signed an agreement with Ingenio Games to distribute current and future Mythic Games’ titles in Spanish. The strategic agreement that has a term of 5 years will allow Mythic Games to expand and consolidate its presence in the Spanish markets.

Ingenio and Mythic Games started talking in December 2020 when the Spanish publisher was building their portfolio to fulfill the retail distribution channels they established. Initially, discussions were more focused on specific titles that fit the massive high-end market where Ingenio was positioning its offer, but soon, due to the good engagement and chemistry between both companies, the parties agreed on opening their discussions to a broader scope, both in duration and list of products. Both companies are very excited to announce that Super Fantasy Brawl, 6: Siege – The Board Game, and Steamwatchers will join Ingenio’s catalog!

“Finding a partner you can trust and you have good chemistry with is something that every businessperson would value. And it would be a missed opportunity if we both did not make the most out of it. It is a great honor to work with such a trusted partner! We cannot wait to make our games more readily available in the Spanish market”, said Helena Tzioti, Marketing and Sales Director of Mythic Games.

“It’s a privilege for us to reach this long-term agreement with Mythic Games. The quality of their games and their ability to create new and innovative products makes them one of the best companies in the sector and a reference partner for us,” said Gerardo Fernandez, Chief Dreaming Officer at Ingenio Games. “Having Mythic Games as a strategic partner will allow Ingenio to have a catalog that fits its vision and value proposition to the market.”

About Mythic Games

Mythic Games is a tabletop game publisher established in Luxembourg in 2015, by Benoit Vogt and Leonidas Vesperini. It is currently the #7 top-grossing Kickstarter tabletop game publisher and rising.
Mythic Games aims to create and develop high-quality games by combining great mechanisms and immersive lore, with spectacular visuals and superb miniatures designed by world-renowned artists.

About Ingenio Games

Convinced on the fact that “the more we play, the happier we are”, Ingenio Games started their activity in December 2020. Ingenio is a very enthusiastic company focused on Board Games publishing and distribution for Spain, Portugal, and Latin American countries. The company is focused on two different lines of products. The Lite Games line is geared toward resher and more casual gamers, while the second one, Games for Gamers, is aimed towards the massive, and yet niche, high-end market, and more seasoned gamers.

Since its inception, Ingenio has established a robust and sustainable mix of distribution channels that allows them to provide its products to any gamer.

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