Wow! Great work everyone. Straight through one stretch goal and onto the next before we can even post them up. Don’t worry, you carry on. There’s plenty more waiting…

With the turn markers, we started out playtesting with simple counters that just said 1, 2, 3, and 4, and that worked OK. But as soon as someone had the idea of making dog tags we knew we had to make it happen. Everyone loved it. It was so much more characterful.

Before the alarm goes off, a dog tag order token is allocated to each Hero as they take their turn, in a sequence chosen by the players. This allows the players to carefully plan how they sneak up on the Nazis.

After the alarm sounds, all Hell breaks loose, and the dog tags are shuffled and drawn at random. Battles are messy, and this neatly represents the chaos, surprise, and pressure of trying to complete the mission before the Nazi hordes descend…

Let’s unlock our first Hero!!




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