My land is a proud land!

A new stretch goal has been unlocked! Well done, everyone! Also, a very warm welcome to our new backers!

The last unlocked stretch goal is a pair of tiles for the game board. These 20 cm square tiles are printed on both sides and match with the existing tiles to give a unique configuration to each scene (except, of course, if the story deliberately needs you to return to places already visited). They are part of the L’Ogre adventure that you unlocked a while ago.

Note that the grid delimiting the different zones is not final yet and that the borders you see serve only as a reminder. The grid is important for gameplay because it allows us to introduce variations in the possible moves, in the control of the game board, and in the routes chosen by the AI. By giving certain tiles more area than others, we naturally make them longer or easier to cross. Even if two tiles have the same number of areas, as their shape is not fixed, we can arrange them differently, design easy routes on one tile, and give some homogeneity to another. Again, this system adds variations and depth to the game board, changing the ways you will be able to cross it. In terms of AI, as the behavior of Dark creatures is often dictated by the distance that separates them from specific points, the game board can be arranged to encourage their movement on specific courses, so that the Virtue players can little to little catch-up.

This is one of the subtleties of the game design that is integrated into its components, and that is not even mentioned in the rules: you will discover it while playing.

If necessary, we add specific field rules (using the Discovery cards you have already unlocked). This means that if the storyline requires a scene with wild weather or particularly difficult terrain, we can easily make that happen. And if they are has nothing special, we do not alter anything. It’s an excellent system, allowing us to zoom in on some details when needed, or to return to a looser canvas when it’s not.

Well… Let’s unlock this ogre!

As always, if you are interested in one of our optional purchases, simply click on the “Manage my pledge” button at the top of the page. Then increase your total value by the value of the optional purchases you want to add to your pledge. So, if you took a Puritan Pledge ($ 110) and want to add America – The New World ($ 40), increase your total to $150. If you later decide to add In the Heart of Africa ($ 55), click again on the button “Manage my pledge”, and add this sum to your total. You can change the amount of your pledge as many times as you want throughout the campaign.

During the campaign, you do not have the opportunity to indicate exactly what you have purchased with the total amount of your pledge, but do not worry about that for the moment. When the Kickstarter is finished, we will send you a link to go to our “Pledge Manager”. This is where you will be able to indicate exactly what you want to buy, what optional purchases you have chosen, how many base boxes you want and, what is very important, at which address we will send all this!

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