MONSTERPOCALYPSE – Put me down for a few dozen monsters, please!

Kickstarter offer guide

This is the last article in this series, which we hope has proved enlightening and provided insight into every aspect of this new Monsterpocalyptic project! The Kickstarter will launch real soon, on Tuesday, November 2nd at 2PM EST (New York) to be exact, and it will end on Friday, November 19th at 5PM EST.

Now let us guide you through the Kickstarter offer, to help you make your choice depending on your player profile, your desires, and your budget. 

Check out this micro overview of the different pledge levels, so you can see the lay of the land.


The minion pledge ($1)

Every Kickstarter campaign must have a minimum pledge of $1, which allows you to follow the campaign and to leave yourself time to crack later. Choose this pledge if you are in this frame of mind, if you want to give yourself time to fully understand the project, to watch gameplay videos, to look at the offers, the add-ons, and of course the Stretch Goals unlocked during the Kickstarter. You can then decide just before the end of the campaign, in the final rush! Note that you can also make that call later, during the Pledge Manager. This pledge is usually popular with players who are not sure if they are interested in the project, or who cannot afford to pledge immediately.

The advantage of the $1 pledge is that you automatically receive, as with any pledge, the Kickstarter updates, which are our official source of information for the pledger: Stretch Goals, Add-ons, Pledge Manager opening announcement, PM closing announcement, you won’t miss anything.

The disadvantage, of course, is that you don’t contribute to unlocking Stretch Goals. Because let’s remember that Monsterpocalypse is a Stretch Goal campaign and it’s only during the KS campaign that you can unlock them. Obviously, the more of them you unlock, the more impressive the content of the core box will be! Don’t forget that you can’t unlock stretch goals during the Late Pledge, stretch goals are only added during the KS campaign.

The minion pledge is the only pledge that doesn’t offer you the Mythic HQ promotional Building model. But if you decide you’d like it during the Late Pledge, you can add it separately for $15.


The Smasher pledge ($119)

This is the basic pledge for new players or for old players who want to take advantage of the improvements offered in this board game version. You can choose this pledge if you are mainly planning to play with up to 2 players. In 1 vs 1, solo or co-op against a monster, the Smasher pledge offers you the new big core box, whose content is just Dantesque: 72 plastic miniatures divided into 8 huge monsters, 40 units and 24 buildings, all on textured bases, two hardboard battle maps, 52 dice, two Dice Reserves boards, all the monster and unit cards, the rubble or hazard tiles, etc.

A quick calculation of the savings compared to buying all these elements separately at retail and with the version currently available, is particularly illuminating: a monster in the store costs on average about 30 dollars, a building about 20 dollars, and the units (sold in 5 packs) are sold on average 5 dollars each. Let’s not even talk about dice (which are always more expensive than you think). The savings are enormous. If you were aware of this game and were challenged by its entry point cost, then this is the best opportunity to enter the game and the Smasher Pledge is ideal for its Quality (and Quantity) / Price ratio. If you’re new to the game, it’s the perfect entry level product, you’ve got everything you need to get started and play with up to two players.

As with every pledge in this campaign apart from the Minion Pledge, you will also receive for free, if you pledge at any point during the Kickstarter campaign timeline (until November 19th, then), an exclusive and promotional building (Kickstarter Exclusive): the Mythic HeadQuarters, with its special rules! After the campaign, during the Pledge Manager/Late pledge (which will be on Gamefound), if you want to add this building, you’ll have to buy it separately and pay 15 dollars.


The Crusher pledge ($159)

This is the most complete pledge, the one for newcomers who want to take advantage of all the possible options. Or for old timers who are ready to pick up the complete new edition to take advantage of the ergonomic and practical improvements offered in this latest edition. Grab it if you plan to play with 3 or 4 players.

The Crusher pledge is composed of the core box, the Battle Royale expansion, all the core box stretch goals and of course the Mythic HQ promotional model, offered to the subscribers of this Pledge but ONLY during the Kickstarter campaign. After that, during the Late Pledge specifically, this figurine will be sold separately ($15) as previously mentioned.

This Pledge offers absolutely every possible game mode for Monsterpocalypse: Solo, 2, 3 or 4 player co-op, scripted co-op (thanks to a scenario booklet included in the Battle Royale expansion), 1 vs 1 competitive, 2 vs 2 competitive, or 3 or 4 player free-for-all competitive. What’s not to like?

We have detailed what Battle Royale offers in our previous article, but let’s remind you that this multiplayer expansion, THE most unique item in this KS, offers you five new monsters never before seen Apex versions of the games iconic characters: Arctic Armodax, Mega Gorghadra, Defender Extreme, Insatiable Yasheth and Nightmare Gallamaxus!

These monsters can be played individually as a common enemy in co-op mode, but also as classic monsters, played by players, in any competitive game (1v1, 2v2, free-for-all). 

Two new maps are included in Battle Royale, larger than the classic 2-player maps. One is designed for 3 players, the other for 4 players. The Battle Royale expansion also includes 12 buildings (more than the core box to fill the 3- or 4-player maps), two new sets of 26 dice, two new individual Dice Pool boards, a rules and scenario booklet for cooperative play… and lots of other stuff!



The Veteran pledge ($59)

This pledge is mainly for veteran players, those who are happy to see their game flourish but don’t necessarily want to replace everything. You can grab this pledge level if you invested in the second edition of Monsterpocalypse and are not interested in our core box. The latter contains mostly classic models that you may already own (even if the stretch goals might add some less common ones!).

The Veteran Pledge contains the  brand new expansion for this game, totally and absolutely unique. Battle Royale allows to play with 3 or 4 players, in all its included game modes (as described above).

As a Monsterpocalypse fan, you’ll have a hard time resisting the five new Apex monsters, which are much bigger and more imposing than their previous version, and whose models…  just rock! Arctic Armodax, Mega Gorghadra, Defender Extreme, Insatiable Yasheth, and Nightmare Gallamaxus are evolutions of iconic monsters, but a supercharged badass version! They look amazing and play totally different than their previous versions. These monsters and the two new 3- and 4-player maps are what will win you over to this new expansion.

It is important to note that the Veteran Pledge (but not the Battle Royale expansion, it is specific to this Veteran pledge) includes, in addition to the Battle Royale expansion, a deck of stat cards of ALL the monsters, units and buildings that we will have revealed in this Kickstarter, with the new graphics and layout. 

So you can take your models and play with the new stat cards and their new design. Also included in this pledge is the Megaton Mashup Villain card deck, which allows you to play solo or two-player co-op, so you can also play solo, co-op or two-player (in addition to 3 or 4 players).

The presence of these two additional packages explains the slightly higher price than the Battle Royale Add-On box ($59 for the Veteran Pledge against $49 for the Battle Royale Add-On).

In addition to this, there is the famous promo building, the Mythic HQ (with its special building rules), offered if you take this pledge during the KS, but you’ll have to buy it if you grab it after, during the pledge manager ($15). 

Note that this pledge does not give you the access to the core box stretch goals, the unlocked stretch goals are indeed in the core game box, but also in some expansions (see the paragraph on double stretch goals, a little further ahead). On the other hand, nothing prevents you from taking add-ons in addition to this pledge, and thus getting the specific stretch goals unlocked for these add-ons.


Add-Ons, Stretch Goals and Double Stretch Goals

This Kickstarter campaign is going to be a big one. And so, we’ll progressively reveal Add-ons and Stretch Goals.

The only Add-on revealed at the beginning of the campaign will be the Battle-Royale expansion ($49). But as the campaign progresses, we’ll be revealing new add-ons, which will allow you to purchase monsters and units from new factions, as well as new buildings, new maps… and maybe some other surprises! Shortly before the end of the KS, we will reveal the amount of the All-In with of course an attractive discount compared to buying these add-ons separately.

Let’s talk about the stretch goals. The principle is simple: each time you reach a level, it unlocks a stretch goal that will be added to the core box: a new monster, a new group of units… and other mysterious SGs that we hope will be unlocked!

As we did with Darkest Dungeon, we’re going back to the “Double Stretch Goals” principle. So, some stretch goals will enrich the content of certain expansions. But in order not to frustrate players who won’t take the expansion in question, each time an expansion stretch goal is unlocked, we’ll automatically add another stretch goal that will go into the core box. A double stretch goal, then.

All this will be explained in the updates, but also in the Lives that will take place throughout this campaign, which we promise will be animated, Mythic style delivers!


Pledge Manager, Shipping costs, VAT and delivery

Let’s finish with the technical details, which you should also keep in mind. A few weeks after the end of the Kickstarter campaign, the so-called Pledge Manager will be opened on the Gamefound platform, which allows backers to finalize their pledge, provide their address, pay the various fees, etc. It’s also the opening of the so-called Late Pledge, which allows those who missed the campaign to take advantage of the Kickstarter offer one last time, with almost similar conditions: same offer, same prices, same stretch goals included… But not the Mythic HQ, a promotional building that they will have to buy separately if they want to grab it.

At the opening of the pledge manager (PM), backers are credited with the amount they pledged during the Kickstarter. For example, if you took the Smasher Pledge at $119 and splurged during the campaign on a $35 expansion, you have pledged a total of $154. 

When you open the Pledge Manager on Gamefound, you will automatically have a credit of 154 dollars to distribute exactly where you want it to go. You will have to choose the Smasher Pledge, then, and add the expansion you are interested in. An add-on at $35, therefore, not necessarily the one you had in mind during the KS, you can always change your mind during the PM. This PM period lasts long enough (probably several months) to allow you to add other expansions if you wish. You can open and close the PM at any time, so it’s very convenient to “manage a budget”.

Once your cart is complete, the PM will calculate the shipping costs and, for European backers, will also calculate the VAT to be paid. Indeed, we have decided that from this Kickstarter campaign onwards, we will indicate the prices excluding VAT on the KS page and we will charge VAT directly to backers according to their delivery country during the PM. 

Previously the prices shown in the Kickstarter campaign included VAT directly on the KS page and we paid the VAT out of our margin. 

There are at least two reasons for this change: to ensure that each backer pays the correct amount of VAT required by their country and to help Mythic Games avoid having to pay those costs at that time in a business environment that is already tense given the increase in maritime freight and the significant rise in raw material costs.

For Europeans, the calculation is simple: the price, with VAT included, will be about the same when converting the price in dollars into euros. Your basket is $154? Your price including VAT will be about 154 euros. Easy to remember, then.

Americans and backers from non-European countries, where VAT does not apply, will obviously not have to pay VAT and the price will remain the same for them as on the KS page.

As for shipping costs, thanks to this VAT measure, we are trying to keep them at an acceptable level, despite considerable increases in the price of containers and raw materials (which currently exceed five times normal for containers). Thus, for a core pledge, we will charge an average of $34 in shipping costs for the US, EU and UK countries (dollars, not euros, so a little less in euros this time!). For Canada, Australia and other non-EU European countries, it will be about $37. A summary table of shipping costs for different countries for a Smasher Pledge and a reminder of the addition and VAT rate for European countries will be included on the Kickstarter page.

Finally, the estimated delivery date is November 2022. We haven’t always been on time with all our KS, but we are confident that this one will be delivered on time, as everything is already prepared, thanks to this co-edition with Privateer Press. 

And even, despite the production delays that have been continued since the COVID crisis. So you will be able to play Monsterpocalypse Board Game before Christmas next year! And for a very long time after.


Monsterpocalypse Board Game

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