Monsterpocalypse – Destroy everything in its path? A great game to share with up to 4 players.

In this new co-edition, we have compiled  the competitive AND cooperative game modes into the core box, even adding a brand-new single player mode! 

Solo play can be a great way to get familiar with the core rules, learn about the selection of factions in the game, and to work on your combos. 

But as the saying goes, the MORE THE MERRIER! During the Kickstarter campaign, you’ll be able to pledge for a brand-new expansion called Battle Royale, which allows 3 and 4 players to join the action. 

And this is where it gets totally fun because the expansion opens up several game modes and increases the potential of games tenfold: you can play in 2v2, in cooperative up to 4 players versus a monster, or even in a 3 or 4 player free for all, all on new maps specifically designed for this expansion!


Big Battles – Big Battlefields

The first critical task that needed to happen if we were to play with more monsters was to increase the size of the battle map.

Battle Royale contains new 3 player (front) and 4 player (back) specific battle maps. The battle maps are larger, contain new deployment zones, three and four different colored spawn points, and more foundation spaces for placing (and therefore destroying) even more buildings.

The three- and four-player battle maps are designed for both team-based, free for all battles and cooperative play.

The expansion will also contain dice and dice dashboards\player aids  for two additional players.



Battle Royale game modes

The expansion features the following rules and adaptations:

2 VS 2 team play

In this version, players deploy and play alternately: The first player of team A, then the first player of team B, the second player of team A, then the second player of team B. And again. There’s no way one team is going to mess with the other team and then kick back gameplay is going to alternate!

The keyword “ally” is introduced to make it easier to secure buildings and check objectives. As in a standard game, the first side to lose its last monster is defeated and the other side is instantly declared the winner.


The “free for all” game

This mode is playable on the 3-player or 4-player map, the rules specify the deployment methods and adjusts some game effects. The winner is the player who is the last to have their monster standing victorious in the rubble. This is a game mode where tension will be omnipresent and where it is sometimes necessary to negotiate or be convincing when enlisting help. 


Games using 3 monsters per player

Experience has shown that games can take much longer and be more chaotic with 3 monsters per side, especially when playing on a classic map. Battle Royale offers adjustments and optional rules to keep the game flowing and enjoyable for opponents. The new maps are more suitable for this game mode, which makes for much longer games.


The cooperative game with 3 or 4 players

This is a repeat of the Megaton Mashup rules. A more aggressive monster than the others (and even larger, see the following APEX mode description) is chosen and positioned in the center of the map. This is the common enemy, The Villain. To increase gameplay difficulty, this monster has more Health points than normal. The adjustment of these additional Health points (from +1 to +12 per monster form !!!) represents the difficulty level of the game. The monster is alone, it has no units to support it. 

After each player activation, the Villain monster activates. The monster’s actions are generated by a deck of cards. Each card defines: the priority target for this activation (the closest one, the one with the most power dice, the one with the most life points etc.), a movement speed (which replaces the usual speed of the monster), and the type of attack it performs (Blast, Brawl). The monster always uses the maximum collision rule: if you are forced to choose a target among several in an equivalent situation (for example two targets at an equal distance from the monster), the choice will always be made from the perspective of whatever creates the maximum destruction of game elements, units and buildings.



The game ends after the destruction of a single monster, the Villain common enemy (player victory), or one of the coalition monsters (player defeat). It is up to each player to keep these monsters alive so as not to end the game prematurely!


The new play mode: APEX Monsters in cooperative mode

Cooperative mode is way tougher in Battle Royale with the addition of APEX monsters, a new feature of this Kickstarter. The Privateer Press team have selected 5 of the community’s favorite monsters and then created an even more massive and aggressive version. 

In the Battle Royale expansion, you’ll discover new rules and new models or Defender Extreme, Artic Armodax, Mega-Gorghadra, Insatiable Yasheth, and Nightmare Gallamaxus. These monsters are larger, have a different play style than their “standard” version, but are not inherently more powerful – they are just different. You can play them like any other “normal” monster in the game in Versus mode. Of course, when played by the AI as a common enemy in co-op mode, they are much more powerful than “normal” monsters, and depending on the game mode you choose, they can have a terrifying amount of hit points! But they are a great challenge.

Of course, you can use ANY monster in this mode, so the replay combinations are limitless!

Finally, coop scenarios have been developed starring each Battle Royale APEX monster as the Villain. These scenarios will plunge you into the heart of a Dantesque action scene, with additional special rules for the APEX Monster and its Minions as yep, in these scenarios, the Evil Boss can be accompanied by units, don’t fret, we’ll explain all during the Kickstarter.

There, now you know just about everything.  We plan one last article that will provide an oversight of the Kickstarter (which pledge to choose, the price, the content, etc.), just to prepare you for the Kickstarter page launch reveal on Tuesday, November 2nd at 2pm EST (7pm French time).

 All you have to do NOW! is register by clicking on the link here to receive an email reminder at the time of launch, and to bookmark the Kickstarter page URL so you are ready to pledge. Who you gonna play, Protectors or Destroyers?


Monsterpocalypse Board Game

Coming soon to Kickstarter!

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