Joan of Arc v1.5 & NEW Teutonic Knights Expansion coming Fall 2019!

Joan of Arc v1.5 & NEW Teutonic Knights Expansion coming Fall 2019!

The smash-hit miniatures board game, Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, returns to Kickstarter this fall with a brand new expansion featuring scenarios with the characters, battles and mythology of the Teutonic Knights and their adversaries!

The entire range from the original Joan of Arc campaign will be updated and available on Kickstarter for new AND returning backers alike!

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Coming Fall 2019!

With the Teutonic Knight expansion, you’ll be able to take command of epic historical leaders such as Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, Ulrich von Jungingen, or the Grand Duke of Lithuania, Gediminas!

Lead the fearful Teutonic Order into battle

You’ll delve into the Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War which featured some of the largest battles to ever occur in medieval Europe! The expansion greatly expands on the existing Joan of Arc range, bringing the total miniature count to over 1100 as it introduces troops from not only the Teutonic Order, but also from Russia, Poland and Lithuania. 

Experience new units from the Baltic region.

For players who enjoy building customised armies in the Battle Mode, you’ll find a wide array of neutral units which can be played with the new factions or added to the forces from previous army lists. From mobile mounted crossbowmen and skirmishing wood runners to hard-hitting lancers and defensible war wagons, you’ll be able to field units to suit your playstyle.

Utilise historical fighting vehicles to control the battlefield.

Alongside the introduction of military forces and historical battles, the Teutonic Knights expansion will also add Baltic deities and mythical creatures!

Utilise historical fighting vehicles to control the battlefield.

Gods such as Perkūnas, the god of thunder, storms, and war, and Laima the goddess of fate, will be realised as gloriously detailed miniatures. You’ll face terrifying creatures such as the Aitvaras, a flying fire demon of forests, and the Paganistic sacred tree, come to life to defend the ritual sites and forests from invaders.

The Teutonic Knights expansion for Time of Legends: Joan of Arc takes medieval Europe to a whole new level of tactical intensity and mythical wonder.

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Returning Backers Update Pack

As part of the new Kickstarter campaign, we’ll be offering a simple way for returning backers, who took part in the first Time of Legends: Joan of Arc Kickstarter or Late Pledge, to update their copy of Joan of Arc to the new 1.5 version.

We will send returning backers a FREE v1.5 Update Pack, which will be shipped for FREE, for EVERY Maiden Pledge (Core Box) they bought during the first campaign, when they spend $20 or more on items during this new campaign.


Hardcover Scenario Collection

The v1.5 Update Pack will feature:

  • A Hardcover Scenario Collection containing all updated scenarios from the entire Joan of Arc range.
  • A copy of the new v1.5 Joan of Arc Rule Book.
  • A set of updated and improved cards from the original Kickstarter.
  • A printed miniature guide to help with game setup.

So, if you pledged for three Maiden Pledges (Core Boxes) during the first campaign, we’ll send you three v1.5 Update Packs for free. The Update Packs will be added to your order when the Pledge Manager closes and we begin the process of packing and shipping pledges to backers.

More information on the v1.5 Update Pack can be found here.

We will also make digital versions of the Scenario Collection, the v1.5 Rule Book, updated cards and a printable miniature guide available for any backers who would prefer not to have the physical copies.

Deluxe Storage Box

With the new campaign, Mythic Games will also offer all backers the option to buy a Deluxe Storage Box for their Joan of Arc collections. This storage solution will allow backers to store all the cards, tokens, punchboard tiles, dice and more for the entire Joan of Arc range in one functional box.

We are also working with industry partners and are exploring options for providing further insert or storage solutions that will help with the protection and management of Joan of Arc miniatures.

We’re really excited to expand on the already huge world of Time of Legends: Joan of Arc and we hope that you’ll join us on another epic campaign later this year!

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