Joan of Arc Retail Edition

Here in Mythic Games, we are very proud to announce Time of Legends: Joan of Arc to retail stores. We will be bringing the huge Kickstarter sensation in retail by introducing a brand-new Core Set for the game.

The game

Time of Legends: Joan of Arc is a narrative miniatures board game of dark fantasy and historical action. Players plunge into the heart of the Hundred Years’ War with the various scenarios in the game. Featuring a modular hex tile board, area activation system, custom dice, and custom card decks, Time of Legends: Joan of Arc is a highly flexible gaming system which allows for a variety of different play experiences.

Joan of Arc painted by Seb Lavigne. Miniatures come assembled and unpainted.

The Retail Core Set

In the five scenarios found only in the Core Set you will face off Joan of Arc and John Talbot in the skirmishes before the Battle of Patay, capture a cockatrice and use it to terrorise a village, hunt down a werewolf, search for hidden treasure whilst avoiding becoming prey to the legendary creatures that stalk the land, and stage a desperate last stand between the French and English armies.

French Heroine Joan of Arc and English Hero John Talbot.

In addition to these scenarios, the Time of Legends: Joan of Arc Core Set will also feature a replayable “Battle Mode” system which utilises variable maps, deployment, and victory conditions. The miniatures in this box will allow 2 players to select their armies and square off on the battlefield.

La Hire charges the deadly Cockatrice head on!

Whether you’re playing through a scenario or fighting a battle, you are free to control the army of miniatures that represent your heroes, knights, and peasants as you wish in order to achieve your goals. You will decide who moves and where; whether your forces explore, pray, converse with locals, or simply charge into battle. Expect to see the Time of Legends: Joan of Arc Core Set on shelves in Q4 of 2019.

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