JOA – The Book of the Apocalypse

Today we’ve got the book from the Apocalypse expansion to show you, cards from the core box, and a Leo not-live video showing off the bases. We were also going to include a report on last weekend’s Mythic Day, which included the first-ever Time of Legends: Joan of Arctournament, but so as not to turn this update into War & Peace we decided to hold off on that and give it its own update which will go out tomorrow

Once again, we’d like to thank you for all the comments and feedback on last week’s Legendary Battles book. We read all of them, whether they’re sent by email, written as comments on the document, or even discussed here on the campaign page. This week it’s the turn of the Apocalypse expansion book and the core box Troop cards. We plan to up the pace at which we release files for review, so moving ahead you can expect to see more frequent updates from us.

Download the Apocalypse Scenario Book here!

Download the Core Troop cards here!

The tournament at Mythic Day used the actual production plastic miniatures which we had flown out especially for it. This meant it was also the first chance we had to get our hands on the bases. I’ll close by leaving you in Leo’s capable hands as he shows them off.
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