How To Use Credits

Enjoy your favorite board game and receive credits.

Not sure how to use credits? Get started with this simple step-by-step tutorial.

The credits earned are worth $ 1 per 1 point.

To view your total points available in your account, check it out here.

Step 1: After adding the products to your cart, proceed to checkout.

Step 2: On the checkout page, you will see the “Spend Your Points” section before the order summary.

spend your points on mythic games

2.1 In this section, you can convert points into coupons. The amount of coupons depend on the total amount of all the products in the user’s cart is.

How To Use Credits

2.2 If the user’s points are less than the total amount in the cart when the user converts his points into coupons, all his points can be converted.

2.3 If the total points are greater than the total amount in the cart, the user can select the Pay with Points in the payment information below and then deduct the total amount of the products from the user’s total points.

pay with points on mythic games

Step 3: You can now apply the coupon to your order and only subtract the coupon’s value from the cart’s total amount.


Step 4: Then, place your order after using the credits or points earned.

You’re all set! Keep safe, and enjoy using your credits!


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