No Two Minis Are Made The Same

While we are preparing some new Stretch Goal updates for you all, I thought I’d jump into the updates to talk about miniatures.

The miniatures in Solomon Kane are some of the finest we have ever created at Mythic Games and I wanted to take a moment to answer some of the frequently asked questions we have been getting around them.

What size/scale are the miniatures?

The miniatures are a true 35mm scale (measuring from the base to eye level). They are comparable to the commonly used term “Heroic” in 32mm and even 28mm miniatures from various games.

In the comparison picture below, Solomon is 37mm from foot to eye level, as a taller than average person.

Khorne Warrior (Shadespire), Turtle Clan Daimyo (Rising Sun), Solomon Kane (Solomon Kane), Wendigo (Solomon Kane), Ogre (Solomon Kane), Athena (Mythic Battles: Pantheon), Providence (Solomon Kane)

The average human in Solomon Kane will be on 30mm wide bases, while larger miniatures will reach up to 80mm wide bases and stand up to 90mm tall!

Will all the miniatures have scenic bases?

Yes! Every miniature in Solomon Kane will have a base designed to suit its character and the Adventures it appears in.

The multi-part manufacturing process allows us to sculpt dynamic three-dimensional and engaging poses.

The scenic bases add further beautiful details and also help us to visually separate the Nemeses and Villains from the dime-a-dozen Rabble that Solomon must dispatch.

Will Solomon Kane have any “big” miniatures?

Yes, we will! The core four Virtues themselves already stand taller than the main Gods from Mythic Battles: Pantheon!

Of course, while Solomon isn’t Mythological or High Fantasy, we still had to have some fun with our beasts, so our great Gorilla and Giant Snake offer you some monstrous minis for the tabletop. And a slight spoiler, the Beast of Bordeaux Stretch Goals have a goodie for this too…

What are the miniatures made of?

High-quality PVC plastic will be used for the bulk of the miniatures while hard plastic called ABS will be used for thing likes weapons, to ensure these pieces do not warp.


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