6: Siege – The Board Game is an adaptation of a video game phenomenon, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, a blockbuster released in 2015 that has since won over some 70 million players, published by Ubisoft.

After two Gameplay articles dedicated to set up and game phases, our third and last article will be spent detailing the heart of 6: Siege - The Board Game… the operators, the ones who will expose themselves to the bullets (blanks actually, they are simply in training sessions, after all) of their opponents to succeed in their mission.
After our first article described the preparation and the set-up of a game, it’s time to tak about the different key concepts that characterize 6: Siege, namely time management, the principle of alternate activations, the destructible environment, and the differences of 3- and 4-player games.
Welcome to the first gameplay article for 6: Siege - The Board Game! In this article you will learn more about the game basics and how to prepare to play the game.
Chek out the origins of the story! How did 6: Siege - The Board Game become a reality? Leo takes us back in time and describes the behind the scenes!

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