Mythic Games is a tabletop game publisher established in Luxembourg in 2015, by Benoit Vogt and Leonidas Vesperini. It is currently #7 top grossing Kickstarter tabletop game publisher, and rising (#4 if you include their first game, Mythic Battles: Pantheon).

Mythic Games aims to create and develop high quality games by combining great mechanisms and immersive lore, with spectacular visuals and superb miniatures designed by world renowned artists.

Mythic Games published Mythic Battles: Pantheon in 2017, which was a co-publication with Monolith. The game was later bought by Monolith, so it is no longer part of the Mythic Games game portfolio.

Time of Legends: Joan of Arc was the first game that Mythic Games solely published and it was a great hit on Kickstarter. The company has successfully kickstarted 9 projects since 2017 and has successfully delivered 4 of them. 2021 will see the delivery of the remaining 5 games. 

In 2020, Mythic Games established their Phoenix Line of games, which will include collaborations with the original publishers to bring previously produced projects back into the spotlight. While they won’t necessarily be miniatures games, these games will surely have outstanding gameplay and superb replay value.

In 2020 Mythic Games had two Kickstarters in the Top 10 most funded games of the year with HEL: The Last Saga and Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game, the latter even rising to #7 most funded tabletop game ever on Kickstarter. This was also the most funded video game tabletop adaptation ever.

Mythic Games won the GOLD TENTACCOLADE Award for Best Crowdfunding Publisher in 2020.

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