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Hello, Darkest Heroes!

We’re back again with the fifth and final article about our beloved upcoming game Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game. So far, we’ve told you about the heroes, the adventures, the dungeon and combat, but we haven’t covered one of the more crucial parts of the game …the Hamlet!

Cradled in the estates shadow, lies an abandoned hamlet. Once bustling with activity, this place housed a small populace that took care of it and its neighboring fields, giving life to the desolate land and purpose for the estate’s existence. Sadly now, all that is left of it are the ruinous and derelict buildings which serve only as a memory of its past glory. In this ghost town, there’s only a single citizen whose purpose hasn’t been completely lost throughout his lineage, the caretaker – a half-crazed individual who constantly giggles and only communicates in hauntingly unfamiliar whispers.

Darkest Dungeon Hamlet

Upon arrival, the heroes notice that, apart from the inn in which they reside, the rest of the buildings are in extremely bad condition. These skeletons of rotten wood and charred stone, however, can be restored to serve everyone now in this time of dire need. By completing adventures and fulfilling the heir’s wishes, the heroes will manage to gather a wealth of heirlooms, treasure and gold. These rewards are theirs to help cover the expense of their training, various item purchases (weapons, armor, trinkets), as well as the sorely needed upgrades to the buildings of the hamlet.

Thus, as soon as their quest is done, the heroes will draw an event card and have a handful of days available to rest and recuperate. In the meantime, they have the entire hamlet at their disposal should they wish to relax and unwind, tend to their wounds, equip and train themselves, or even contemplate the meaning of life –especially after enduring all the various psychological pressures encountered in the dungeons.

Hamlet, Darkest Dungeon

To help tend to all these, the hamlet consists of 9 different buildings:

stagecoach The Stagecoach: This is where the heroes first arrived in the settlement, a small station where coaches from all around the land pass by, but rarely ever stop… but it does offer a connection to the outside world, bringing various different heroes to the settlement. Should any of the heroes in your party perish, these travelers will happily join the rest of the team with promises of glory and success.

Nomad Wagon The Nomad Wagon: Travelers from foreign lands usually brave the dangers of the wild and set their wagons up in places where few would go. Such is the case here, as an enchantingly beautiful young lady sells her wares. Trinkets and baubles of mystical quality adorn her makeshift stand, available for the heroes to purchase.

The Abbey The Abbey: A place of peace and tranquility, which promises solace and connection with the divine. When a hero visits the abbey, they’re cleansed of both sin and worry, temporarily casting off their mortal shell and removing those negative quirks they may have acquired during their quest.

Sanitorium The Sanitorium: An old institute pledged to safeguarding the heroes’ health. Here, nurses strap heroes to a wooden chair and inject them with liquids unknown to mend their wounds and drive away any disease they may have contracted on their journey.

Tavern The Tavern: A place where the heroes live and congregate, a cheerful yet dimly lit place where jokes are told, and drinks are dispatched. Spending a night in this establishment will lift a hero’s morale and relieve some of their stress. But should the heroes upgrade this to level 2 or 3, they’ll attract gamblers and entertainers to make their stay even more fulfilling!

Darkest Dungeon The Survivalist

The Survivalist: Before darkness crept into the land there were some people who took up residence in the wilds, living a life of solitude and danger. These people, who were outcasts then, now act as tutors to the heroes offering them precious advice and techniques on how to use their provisions wisely and efficiently. If a hero seeks the survivalist’s counsel, they’ll be able to roll and keep an extra die on their next quest.

The Guild The Guild: A hall once filled with various adventurers who boastfully shared experiences of their past adventures with the aspiring new ones. A place where an adventurer could learn some invaluable tricks of the trade and improve their likelihood of survival. The guildhall can be used by the heroes to improve their skills, making themselves more potent and ready to embrace their fate. In this building, heroes can spend their experience points and get an improved version of their skill cards, provided they have both the experience and the money to do so.

The blacksmith The Blacksmith: A stern fellow with skin hardened by the heat of his forge who tempers the heroes’ weapons and armor, giving them an important edge in their upcoming battles. A visit to this man’s establishment could certainly mean the difference between life and death.

The graveyard The Graveyard:This place serves as a stern reminder of what awaits those who fail. Brave and virtuous souls, with ideals and prospects of success lie here buried and revered, but dead and nearly forgotten… Gathering here and remembering a dead brother-in-arms can overmotivate Heroes, granting them with a random Virtue for their next Quest. But beware, this advantage is a double-edged sword: they mustn’t reach the l10 Stress level in this next Dungeon or else they’ll die from a heart attack. Definitely something to consider!

All these fine establishments will offer their services to the heroes, assisting them as best as they can. Yet it is the heroes’ decision which ones to upgrade, for they will never have all the gold they need, and time is ever short. The Darkest Dungeon relentlessly welcomes the heroes to their… doom!

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