Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game – Heroes and Stances

Hello, Darkest Heroes!

We’re another day closer to our highly anticipated Kickstarter campaign for Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game, and we want to present to you a second article. However, this one will focus primarily on the heroes within the party!

In Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game, players take on the roles of heroes who heed the heir’s call and take the carriage to the hamlet that lies on the outskirts of the estate. While the lodging of the hamlet’s derelict inn may be unsuitable for most, it is a fitting place from which to commence the adventures and demanding quests that the heir proffers. But don’t be fooled! These adventures are not for the light-hearted warrior or novice practitioner. That’s precisely why the heir summoned as many heroes as he could!

And many answered his call, indeed, hailing from all classes and skill sets, with colorful stories and varied backgrounds. From casters of the forbidden arts, to honed duelists, masterful ravagers, healing practitioners, pagans and believers; the heroes summoned are a complete cross-section of the adventuring elite that the land has to offer. Truth be told, their diverse skills and backgrounds fit now more than ever, because none truly know what to expect deep in the bowels of the Darkest Dungeon…

“You answered the letter — now, like me, you are part of this place.” –the Heir

However, this motley group of heroes need to formulate teams that will work together as efficiently as they’re able, providing enough protection, strength and willpower to persevere. Thus, their roles are broken down into 4 different fighting styles, known as Stances.

The Aggressive stance is adopted by various knights and warriors, paladins and berserkers. These individuals know how to handle themselves in the midst of battle and heated confrontation, wielding their massive weapons against their foes whilst enjoying the protection of trusted armor and relying upon their own survival instincts. The Hellion, whose barbaric rage and unrelenting savagery makes her a powerful ally, is a hero who shines when taking the aggressive stance. Swinging her axe in masterful arcs, she can lacerate an enemy’s flesh forcing them to bleed out, or hack wickedly through the enemy’s front line, dealing immense damage. Some of her talents however can also make her a formidable defender. From there, she can still strike at her enemies with her long-reaching axe, instilling fear in her opponent’s hearts. And when things turn grim, this is where she can charge and break through the adversaries’ ranks scattering them like leaves to the wind!

DD: The Board Game - Heroes and Stances

The Defensive stance is adopted by more clever fighters, relying on tactics and strategy to gain leverage against their enemies. By spotting an enemy’s weakness, using flintlock pistols, or capitalizing from more subversively opportunistic means of fighting, these adventurers offer variety and versatility to the front line of the party’s fighters, as they can easily adjust their fighting style to the situation. Such a hero is the Bounty Hunter, who joins the fight with the promise of delivering true justice. Once his mark is chosen, he can throw a flashbang grenade, use his hook to close in on his quarry and deliver a decisive kill with a single strike when least expected! If positioned behind an ally’s protection, he can utilize his deadly caltrops, scattering them on the ground, as his enemies carelessly fall upon them with brutish clumsiness. And when he reaches for an enemy who has been stunned in the heat of the battle, with a swift motion he can finish them off, dealing an incredible amount of damage. And all that when he finds himself just slightly removed from the bloodshed, as he needs some time to plan and think ahead…

Darkest Dungeon: Bounty Hunter

The Range stance is one that’s somewhat away from the melee fighting, either on top of a ledge or at the side of a room or corridor. Such a distance can be treasured by archers, acrobats and slingers, for the use of dexterity enables them to handpick their opponents and successfully strike. Such a character is the Jester, whose speed and awareness make him an excitingly deadly assassin. Wielding his sharpened sickle, he can perform a somersault at a precise moment, slashing his enemies and forcing them to bleed to death. Or he can play a melodious tune on his lute that inspires his teammates, infusing them with heroism. Or again, he can play an imposing solo that will disorient his enemies, giving him ample time to close in for the kill! And even when pushed to the front, he can perform a majestic finale that ensures his opponent’s death and allows him to retreat back to the safety of his preferred Range stance.

Darkest Dungeon: Jester

Finally, the Support stance is reserved for the party’s snipers, healers, and magic users. This stance is considerably away from combat; yet still close enough these heroes to offer services to their allies in the fray. From here, the Vestal can utter prayers of protection and guidance, asking her benevolent deity to intervene on behalf of her comrades in battle. Thus, divine grace and comfort will heal the party’s wounds, mending bones and flesh alike, as if they never even existed. Or she can conjure a bright halo that brings light to the dungeon’s dark recesses and dazzles any opponent that lays eyes upon it. But if the need arises, she will take her blessed cudgel and charge into the fray, delivering smashing blows that will surely banish all evil from existence.

These four stances are the way for the adventurers to organize their party’s constitution, taking advantage of their strengths and limiting their weaknesses. The aforementioned heroes are simply an idea of how a party could be constructed. Expect to be amazed by other heroes such as the Plague Doctor and her masterful concoctions, the Crusader and his virtuous zeal, the Highwayman and his dueling aptitude, the Grave Robber and her sneaky techniques… and many more.

Thankfully these weren’t the only individuals that answered the heir’s call, and more are expected to be revealed throughout our campaign. However, now you know what it means to be a hero in the world of Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game.

But don’t lose hope, for great heroes can be found even here, in the mud and the rain…

Darkest Dungeon: Heroes and Stances


Launching October 20th on Kickstarter !

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