Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

The smash-hit miniatures board game, Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, returns to Kickstarter this fall with a brand new expansion featuring scenarios with the characters, battles and mythology of the Teutonic Knights and their adversaries!
Mass production of wave two is in full swing and we’ve received some photos from the factory to show everyone. You can check them out at the bottom of this update. For the rest of it, I will give an update on exactly where things are with wave one shipping and answer some common queries.
Players plunge into the heart of the Hundred Years’ War with the various scenarios in the game.
The unboxings continue this week, as Leo now opens up a box of the Super Exclusives! If you don't remember, the Super Exclusives is our big box with The Good Place, Leo the Inkeeper and Jacques the Troubadour who were unlocked as a stretch goal, along with Gog and Magog from the Maiden Pledge.
We unlocked so many Stretch Goals for Time of Legends: Joan of Arc that we added them into our beautiful "Reliquary Box" for all backers.
This week we have an update on where things are at with production, plus some news on the RPG.
Today we’ve got the book from the Apocalypse expansion to show you, cards from the core box, and a Leo not-live video showing off the bases. We were also going to include a report on last weekend’s Mythic Day, which included the first-ever Time of Legends: Joan of Arctournament, but so as not to turn this update into War...
You may recall that back in March, word slipped out about a Time of Legends: Joan of Arccomic book. We were neck deep in the pledge manager at the time so decided we would wait till it was over to give a full What’s up Wednesday to a project that everyone here at Mythic Games is...
Hello everyone! As mentioned in last week’s What’s up Wednesday, we’re re-opening the pledge manager for a short time. A lot of you were not able to complete your pledges as you wanted whilst it was open, and this is a much more efficient way of helping with them than handling each request individually. If you...
It’s been a little over two weeks since we closed the pledge manager and whilst the large majority of you were able to complete it on time and have your pledge as you wanted it, there have been some people who for a variety of reasons have still needed to access their pledge. I have...
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