HEL: The Last Saga

In creating the predation system, our intention was to put pressure on the players by relying on the stress generated by the fear of the unknown. The idea was to create for each Song (scenario) an oppressive threat, the nature of which would only be revealed with difficulty during the course of the game.
The one whose simple name, HEL: The Last Saga, carries the whole idea: to make players live an epic, legendary and memorable story. All the twists and turns, narrative arcs and secrets of this collective story are contained in the Saga Booklet, an abundant book of over 900 paragraphs with illustrations.
Teased for the first time at Cannes in February 2019, HEL: The Last Saga has recently begun to appear on our various media channels, originally with cryptic and mysterious messages... just like the game's setting. From the first images shared, from the first promises, HEL: The Last Saga has always aroused incredible expectations, perhaps even more than for our previous games.
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